Why Choose Boxever?

Achieve Real Results, Really Fast

As the path to true 1:1 personalization unfolds, a core feature of the Boxever platform is that our customers can use predictive marketing to realize incremental revenue increases quickly - often, they begin to see results after just 4-8 weeks. Some typical results achieved are: 4.3% increase in monthly revenue, 4.5x increase in conversion rates and 7x increase in click-throughs (CTR).

  • "We’ve driven success for more than 20 international brands, ranging from low-cost, high-yield airline carriers to full-service, award winning, customer experience champions, as well as online travel agencies and international travel groups."

    Boxever Team

Our customers include world leaders like Emirates, VivaAerobus, Flybe, Aer Lingus, Cebu Pacific and eDreams ODIGEO.

Become a Customer-Centric Brand

Does your brand have the defining characteristics of a customer-centric organization?

  • Learn & Get Even Smarter

    Become smarter by learning from your customers: Boxever knows the best way to engage a customer is to listen first, then learn, then act. We continuously update customers’ profiles in real time to learn about their behavior, then apply A.I. to develop smarter, more relevant interactions with every customer, every time.

  • Act Now

    Your customers live in the moment - you need to act now. Boxever’s A.I. for marketers can confidently deliver a response to a customer interaction, whether it’s a search, click, page open or offer response, within 150 msec - less than half the time it takes to blink! That’s real-time engagement with customers who are living - and acting - right now.

  • Employ Best-in-Breed Solutions

    There are an overwhelming number of martech solutions available. Boxever decided to test our platform in the most demanding customer environment around - travel. We needed to leverage data from old-school systems, manage a high-volume business with finite physical inventory, and drive fundamental change through technology.

  • Let the Data Decide

    When engaging with a customer, let the data decide. Boxever continually finds new changes to improve 1:1 personalization by looking at what the data tells us. We build a rich profile of every customer to enable marketers to uncover hidden opportunities and blind spots in their operations.

  • Leverage All Data

    Leverage all of your data to know your customer. Boxever connects customer data, product data and even operational data to provide a singular, contextual, 360-degree dynamic view of each customer so that everyone in your organization sees the full picture.

  • Embrace Data Science

    Marketers need to be analytical and data-savvy. Boxever is, at our core, a data science company. We use advanced data science to enable the A.I. that is applied to all of your customer interactions, allowing you to continually learn from each one and make every interaction smarter.

With Boxever, you’ll transform your business around your customers, positioning you to drive acquisition, conversion and retention - and ancillary sales.

Scale with A.I.

With Boxever’s A.I. for marketers, you can scale your customer journey:

  • Thousands of Profiles

    We store about 700M guest profiles - that’s more than LinkedIn (400M)! Our data is stored in 100s of nodes in 10 different clusters in 6 global data centers.

  • Billions of Events

    We process more than 100M events each day, allowing us to track each and every interaction with every single customer - in real time.

  • A Powerful System

    Our data warehouse is comprised of petabytes of data stored across our systems. We run 2TB of memory and 560 vCPUs of auto scaling power EVERY NIGHT.

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