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Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19 Learn more

Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19
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Boxever Web Optimisation

Target people,
not sessions


Precisely target experiments and personalisations using page and audience targeting. Page targeting gives complete control of the pages you want to optimise. Audience targeting leverages the real-time behavioural tracking and customer insights provided by Boxever’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). The result? With Boxever you can optimise for the 95% of visitors who are anonymous and the 5% that are known – your customers.

Boxever CDP

Test any experience


Whether your focus is marketing, digital commerce, or customer experience – Boxever gives you the flexibility to set up your tests precisely how you want to. Replace guesswork with continuous experimentation to optimise your website to perfection.

Deliver a personal touch with ease

Personalise experiences to increase emotional connection, ease, effectiveness and engagement. Boxever enables you to craft optimised experiences for any of your customer segments. You can also trigger overlays with personalised messages to boost engagement and inform or guide your visitors.

Voice-of-the-customer (VOC) or preference capture experiences enable instant and actionable feedback from visitors and customers.

Marginal Gains

Marginal gains has become big business for marketers, driving up performance metrics and revenues for brands in every sector. To understand how it works, it’s first important to grasp the science behind it all.

Intelligent results at your fingertips

Gain instant feedback on your experiences. Operational monitoring lets you check the pulse of your tests from the moment they go live. Performance reporting shows how your experiences measure-up against conversion, revenue and engagement goals. Analytics are visualised with crystal-clear reporting powered by a rock-solid statistics engine.

Test, learn. 
Rinse, repeat.

With Boxever Web Optimisation, testing and personalisation go hand-in-hand. Our solution is designed for an agile test and learn approach. You can test how experiences perform across your important segments and then promote winning experiences to ‘always-on’ personalisations that are optimised for each cohort.

Need help with your optimisation program? Boxever Services team are on-hand to help. From strategy to experience design and day-to-day operations, our team can provide expertise to bolster your team.

Boxever Services

Marginal Gains

Get our ebook on website optimisation and discover the science behind marginal gains. Learn how marginal gains are driving value for marketers and how you can get going with marginal gains and Boxever’s web optimisation.