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Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19 Learn more

Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19
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About Boxever

We’re entering a new age. The age of the customer. The experience. Here, the old ways of communicating just don’t cut it. We’re here to help businesses succeed in this new age: to revolutionise how they engage tomorrow’s customer.

Meet the team


CEO and Co-founder

Dave is co-founder and Boxever's CEO - it's his job to steer the ship and tell Boxever's story to the world. He is a highly successful software executive and entrepreneur with more than 16 years' experience building enterprise solutions in multiple industries including financial services, telecoms and travel. On top of his leadership responsibilities, Dave is first and foremost a technologist, passionate about building products that unlock the extraordinary value of data.

Dave O'Flanagan


CTO and Co-founder

Alan is co-founder and CTO - the driving force behind Boxever’s technology and innovation. He is a highly accomplished software technologist and entrepreneur with over 15 years' experience developing and delivering highly scalable distributed systems. Passionate about large scale systems, cloud security and building new architectures to support petabyte-scale data processing. Alan is constantly identifying ways Boxever can grow.

Alan Giles


VP Business Dev. and Co-founder

An accomplished and dedicated software technologist, Dermot leads the business development and partnerships functions. He has a wealth of software business experience, with more than 15 years’ in the game developing, delivering and selling large, distributed, internet-based systems. A driving force behind Boxever’s growth strategy, he is committed to helping solve real and critical problems for customers across multiple sectors and markets.

Dermot O’Connor



Lorcan is COO at Boxever. He is charged with running the operations of the business. A senior technology leader with more than 20 years in the game, Lorcan has rich experience with both software products businesses and IT services businesses. He has a track record of growing organisations from start-up to significant scale. At Boxever, he is focused on leading the business through its next stage of growth as the company moves into new markets and sectors.

Lorcan Malone



Jon is CRO at Boxever. He is tasked with driving growth for the business as it continues to diversify into new markets and industries. Jon has more than two decades’ experience in the martech sector, most recently as part of the leadership teams at Teradata and Aprimo. At Boxever, Jon is committed to helping more brands use the power of personalisation and decisioning to transform customer experience and deliver positive bottom-line results.

Jon Williams


VP Organisation Development

Ingrid is Director, People Operations. She leads on finding and developing the industry-leading talent that makes up the team at Boxever. With more than 10 years’ experience, Ingrid is an accomplished leader of People functions, working with both large multinational and high-growth Irish technology organisations. She is passionate about helping Boxever’s people to reach their personal goals - driving the business forward in the process.

Ingrid Wallace


Director of Consulting

Ru is Director of Consulting at Boxever. Tasked with ensuring Boxever’s customers get the most value from the product, he is committed to keeping our customers at the forefront of a rapidly evolving and expanding martech landscape. With more than 10 years experience in data, analytics, AI and CX, Ru brings a wealth of experience from across a range of sectors.

Ruadhan Barry


Director of Strategic Partnerships

Paul is Director, Strategic Partnerships at Boxever. He is focused on bringing Boxever’s products to new markets and sectors, and building long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies. A technologist at heart, Paul has more than 20 years’ experience helping businesses maximise the value of data and technology to deliver better experiences for their customers.

Paul Murrell


Senior Dir. Professional Services

Tim is Director of Professional Services. His job is to ensure Boxever is helping customers deliver against their strategic goals. An experienced leader in Customer Success, Tim has worked in the industry for more than 12 years delivering projects into global organisations such as Amazon, Google, AT&T and Emirates. He is committed to ensuring customers are driving real value from Boxever’s products, and is by their side to make it happen.

Tim Callagy


Finance Director

Karl is Financial Controller at Boxever - he’s the man behind the numbers. With more than 15 years’ experience in finance across a range of sectors, Karl brings a wealth of knowledge to the Boxever team. He is passionate about all things technology, and has built a career on working closely with the leadership of nimble and accelerating businesses to deliver on strategy and maximise revenues. He is focused on propelling Boxever through its next stage of growth.

Karl Coleman


Marketing Director

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Graeme Chard


Director Engineering Ops.

John is Director of Engineering Operations at Boxever. He is tasked with running various aspects of Boxever's Engineering group including the Customer Data Platform, platform stability, CI/CD pipelines and all aspects of Boxever's AWS environments. Passionate about automation and stability, John now leads teams of world class Engineers to ensure Boxever delivers industry leading solutions.

John Malone


Chief Architect

Akhil is the Chief Architect in Boxever- and oversees the entire Boxever platform's architecture and design. With a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and having more than 15 years of experience in building scalable, performant and highly available software systems and platforms. He also holds a diploma in business administration. He continuously works towards making things technically better.

Akhil Jain


Director of Channel Sales

Lorna is our Director of Channel Sales, over the last 15 years she's worked with a broad spectrum of global and regional agencies, system integrators, and technology partners drive innovation and the adoption of new technologies into some of the world's most recognised brands. Lorna's focus at Boxever is to work with our strategic alliances and technical partners to grow our business into new industries and markets providing added value to our customers every step of the way.

Graeme Chard

Meet our investors

Our investors provide the resources and support we need
as we continue to make waves in marketing technology.

Polaris Partners is a multi-generational venture capital firm investing in technology and healthcare companies across all stages.

Frontline Ventures is a pioneering early-stage venture capital firm, believing in ideas and investing in passion.

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