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Live Webinar I The Science of Gambling Compliance
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goodbye ambiguity
hello endless improvement

Experiment. Improve. Repeat.

Boxever’s testing options put constant improvement at your fingertips. Test up to four decision model variants in production – and three in draft – with A/B/N. Refine strategies before rolling them out across your customers with champion/challenger.

Simulate how your models will perform – with either a group of customers or just one – with silent and sample testing. We’ll help you test, compare and scale new ideas dynamically, quickly and safely: you’ll always be sure you’re taking the right actions with the right customers.

Optimisation & Testing

Get crystal clarity

Need to put your models through their paces? Want to attribute conversions across channels? Every single action taken by Boxever is tracked, attributed and reported. Every single decision model you run – or test – comes with comprehensive performance analytics.

Analytics & Attribution

The reassurance of transparency

Enterprises require transparency and order in equal measure. Engage comes with governance features like Revision, Deployment Audit and Decision Execution histories. You’ll have a complete understanding of what Engage is doing, what it has done, and how it has been configured – safe in the knowledge that you can roll back at any time.

Decisioning and AI

Insight without limits

Want to develop smarter, more effective models? We offer everything you need. Boxever unlocks your data’s true potential by helping you access more of it and generating visualisations that make sure you know precisely how it’s performing. Integrations with other analytics tools (like Looker or BigQuery) mean you’ll be able to run the queries you want, extrapolate what you want, based on the data you want.


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