The Boxever Solution

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Turn Your Data Into Predictive Offers:
On Every Channel, for Every Customer Journey

Boxever is a Customer Intelligence Cloud that connects all of your customer, product and operational data, letting you personalize 1:1 and deliver predictive offers on every channel, across every customer journey. Boxever acts as the “brain” within your marketing (and business) tech ecosystem, taking in all data about the customer, deciding on what should happen next and executing that action through the most appropriate channels.

And, it works with all the tech you already have in place.

The Boxever Customer Intelligence Cloud

Unlike linear, rules-based, if/then programs, Boxever is a continually learning, sense-and-respond machine that sits intentionally outside your systems, offering flexibility, scalability and security in a robust cloud solution.

  • Break Down Silos

    Boxever is both channel and technology agnostic, so you can use it to connect with customers wherever they are - no matter what systems you have in place.

  • Put Your Customer First

    Boxever lets you rebuild your business around your customer by learning customer behavior and delivering the experience they want - and expect.

  • Personalize Every Interaction

    Boxever treats every customer personally in realtime. Predictive marketing segments are refreshed within 24 hours of any activity for more relevant campaigns and smarter interactions.

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