Boxever accelerates conversions, increases opportunities to cross-sell/up-sell and maximizes retention by taking advantage of all customer data across all your data sources. Move beyond silo’d channels to engage with your customers everywhere. Boxever combines historical, transactional interactions with rich, real-time contextual information to deliver a proactive, predictive customer experience across all channels. Boxever allows you to immediately deliver highly personalized offers and relevant communications to your customers – online and in-store – by applying advanced decision making intelligence in context anywhere you meet your customer.

Find New Customers

We help with your goals to optimize your new customer acquisition strategies by providing the maximum impact on your digital marketing spend. By delivering more relevant and accurate segments to Facebook and Google based on your entire customer data, we enable to you place ads where and when they are most likely to be seen by your target audience

Make Your Offers More Relevant

Boxever helps you enhance brand engagement on your website by delivering more relevant e-commerce offers based on historical and real-time intent. Increase your chances of additional cross-sell/up-sell revenue by accurately personalizing the offers and messages – in real-time.

Keep the Customers You Have

We help you maximize existing customer retention by enabling you to personalize all outbound comms (email, call-center, mobile push) at an individual level based on your customer’s interactions across all channels.