• Personalization In Practice

    Financial services and airlines are both battling with their competitors to deliver the best customer experience. Sign up for this free two-part eBook series, where leaders from both industries share their strategies for excellence in personalization.

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  • The Power of Decision Engines

    Download this informative eBook to learn more about today's decision engines and how they have the power to turn customer data into action.

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  • Personalization in Travel

    Personalization may be one of the most important, digitally-enabled marketing advances of all time. The ability to track and collect customer data throughout the inspiration, booking, travel, and post-travel experience gives airline [...]

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  • Loyalty in Travel

    So here is a question for airline and travel marketers: How exactly would you define “customer loyalty” in this day and age? In theory, it’s the art and science of retention. In practice, however, customer loyalty [...]

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  • State of the Cart

    It is hard to imagine a more complex and frustrating marketing challenge than the abandoned travel cart. All of that revenue — billions by some estimates — is left sitting there, one or two clicks away from completed transactions. [...]

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