Reimagining the Customer Experience

Transform your business in ways you haven’t thought
possible, and put your customer at the center.

The Disconnected Customer Lifecycle

Marketing to mass, generic audiences is outdated - and your customer expects more. Brands need to become customer-centric to improve loyalty, affinity and lifetime value. Traditional approaches no longer work - the market is too competitive, each customer defines value differently and expectations are too high for the status quo. Customers want a seamless, personalized experience.

The Key to True 1:1 Personalization

Boxever orchestrates true, 1:1 personalization at scale for millions of customers, across all channels, in real time. Through artificial intelligence and data science, we match the experience to the individual journeys of each customer, allowing you to intervene right when that customer needs an extra push to convert - or when the time is right to offer an ancillary product. We drive customer satisfaction by personalizing channels that are normally impersonal, like the call center.

Check out this infographic to see what a reimagined customer journey could look like for an airline - or watch this on-demand webinar, and for 45 minutes, challenge yourself to imagine a customer experience you never thought possible.

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  • Acquire & Convert More

    Customer acquisition & conversion opportunities occur earlier and complete faster, and your window for upselling or cross-selling widens

  • Deliver a Better Experience

    Customer touchpoints expand to support individual needs, in the moment - and proactive notifications and alerts enhance the experience for a more satisfying journey

  • Discover Real Results

    Customer loyalty and lifetime value grow, along with your brand’s reputation and, ultimately, revenue

Are You Customer-Centric?

Build your organization around the customer, and everything will fall into place. Most brands aren’t there yet, because most organizations follow a linear process - attract, acquire, convert and retain. But customers take a circuitous route, reading online, researching on mobile, adding to a cart, and more. They experience your brand in a flow that isn’t limited by your internal channels. How many disconnected touchpoints does your customer have with you?

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