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Live Webinar I The Science of Gambling Compliance
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The real-time opportunity

The problem

In-play gaming has come of age. That means there are many opportunities up ahead. However, there’s still a problem. Games are live, but your marketing isn't. To solve that, you need to sync up customer and business data in real time.

The solution

Boxever quickly and simply connects all your data in one place and unleashes AI driven, 1:1 in-play personalisation. The result? A more tailored experience for your players, and higher value interactions for you.

Bringing it all together

Personalisation Software for Gaming

We bring together your customer data, business data and real-time game data in one place. Every click, tap, deposit, withdrawal, sign-up, spin, and bet is instantly recognised. Every goal, basket, touchdown, home run is too – all live and in real time.

The result? A deeper, better vein of insight that combines your players’ betting behaviour and preferences with events in the real world. This is insight that is always up to date, ready 24/7 to power better, more personalised marketing.

Omnichannel Personalisation

The in-play revolution


Provide inspiration

Delight and excite your players by recommending bets, games and markets you know they’ll love – live and in real time.


Players don’t play 9-5. Boxever’s AI automates personalised in-play market recommendations constantly around the clock.

Gain margin and revenue

Increase your active players and bet values, optimise margins and increase your average revenue per user (ARPU).

Decision engine

Our AI powered decision engine combines customer and business insight. That way you can easily automate decisions. For example, Boxever can decide for you what content to put in front of each player. It makes smart decisions based on real-time data, making sure you put the best games, bets and offers in front of the right people.

Decisioning and AI


Boxever constantly connects decisions across all your channels. Regardless of them being inbound or outbound. In other words, it coordinates how you present personalised games or markets to your players: through website banners, push-notifications, lightboxes, slide-ins, SMS messages, email. By linking all the tools in the marketing mix, you can make sure to be reaching your customers at the right time.


Test, learn, adapt, grow

Without understanding your data, you can’t optimise your marketing. Boxever’s powerful analytics platform helps you do just that. It shows which campaigns, markets and segments are performing well. For instance, do you want to verify or track your player segments? Or would you rather track and analyse individual markets, offers and games? Boxever puts it all just a click away.

Testing & Analytics

In play, for all your teams

CRM & Marketers

Increase growth, acquisition and loyalty by putting the right games and markets in front of the right players.

Product teams

Delight and excite players. Engage with them by creating more complete and immersive gaming experiences.

IT departments

Deploy solutions quickly and easily, all this while engineering better access to better data for your team.

Smarter responsible gambling?