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Boxever is a cloud-based solution that combines master data management, CRM, decisioning and analytics into a tightly integrated, travel-centric marketing platform that enables retailers to capture, analyze and act on large volumes of customer data in real-time.


A unified view of the interactions that every visitor, passenger and customer has with your company. It contains a unique timeline view that contains behaviors, transactions, demographics and social data stitched together using sophisticated identity matching algorithms.

  • Identity Resolution

    In travel, understanding multi-channel customer behavior is made much more complicated by the fact that many customers don't consistently log in online and there's very little information provided on customers who book through indirect channels. Boxever can automatically combine fragments of customer data across multiple different channels using multiple different identification mechanisms to deliver a unified view of the guest.

  • Single Customer View

    Boxever can quickly and cost-effectively unify data from silos such as web or mobile click streams, email campaigns and transactional feeds to deliver a high-fidelity picture of each of your guests. We don't just focus on previously identified customers - we manage each passenger that participates in every travel booking.

  • Search

    Boxever provides a powerful, search-based interface to the complete guest repository. By enabling a flexible search interface, it's possible to perform natural language and fuzzy searching to retrieve a guest profile for further analysis. This enables real-time guest recognition on web and mobile, caller identification in the contact center and even passenger recognition in flight.


Travel-centric decisioning that optimizes every inbound guest interaction across web, mobile, mobile app and call centre in real-time. It also enables flexible lifecycle and triggered outbound communications where timeliness and relevancy are critical to ensure optimum conversion.

  • Product Recommendations

    Boxever has unique algorithms that is designed specifically to handle the challenges of dynamic pricing and availability in travel. The solution can recommend flights, hotels and other travel products just like other retailers can recommend books or movies. Boxever automatically learns and models the product catalogue, combining it with real-time pricing to deliver personalized, bookable content at every touchpoint.

  • Real-time Interaction Management

    Track and orchestrate guest interactions across multiple channels, delivering a consistent, unified experience to every guest. Analysts can quickly create tailored guest experiences through an intuitive web-based interface by combining granular information from the guest profile with contextual data such as device, location and products in the shopping cart or even the weather at the destination.

  • Triggered Communications

    Deliver timely, relevant outbound communications on email, mobile push or SMS based on guest activity across any channel. Post-purchase, maximize cross-sell and up-sell performance by triggering a set of highly personalized lifecycle communications on email and mobile. Re-acquire customers that abandon purchases by automatically generating a unique email based on guest preferences, destination characteristics and delivering it instantly.

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Boxever provides the power of SQL and the flexibility of Hadoop through a single intuitive web-based interface. We provide powerful visitor and customer segmentation together with travel-specific acquisition and retention analysis, cohort analysis and customer lifetime value modeling.

  • Bucket your guests into meaningful segments that can be used for personalization or analytics. Rule-based segments can be created and deployed instantly through our web-based UI using detailed information about the guest, their multi-channel behaviors and their purchases. Boxever also supports segmentation using predictive models, built using industry standard modeling tools, that can be deployed instantly, without IT support on the Boxever platform.

  • Dashboards & Visualizations

    Intuitive data visualizations mean that you don't have to build complex queries or update multiple spreadsheets to understand what's happening in your business. Analysts can build a chart instantly from any piece of information stored in our in-memory database and our responsive, HTML5 interface allows analysts to consume the information on mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces. Data scientists have full access to the power of the Boxever platform to run more complex analysis though industry standard desktop tools.

  • Cohort & CLV Analysis

    Boxever automatically analyzes guests to determine and understand how engaged they are with your brand and to predict how valuable they will be. Boxever enables you to recognize and understand your engaged customers early in their engagement and gives you the opportunity to differentiate their experience and incentivize them towards specific goals, such as signing up for your loyalty program.


Boxever was designed for travel-centric Big Data. We capture and analyze clickstream and behavioral data from some of the largest travel sites in the world, combine that with complex transactional data and guarantee a personalization response to any part of the globe within milliseconds.

  • Big Data

    Boxever is a next generation platform that was designed to accommodate the explosive growth in unstructured and semi-structured data as well as being able to comfortably manage more traditional structured, transactional data. The platform captures and stores everything at the most granular level for deep analysis but also provides a structured view for real-time analytics and personalization. Our platform is built on Apache Cassandra and Hadoop which is used to power some of the largest websites in the world.

  • Scalable

    Boxever is highly available and fully redundant. Our servers are replicated across multiple data centers on multiple continents and requests can be transparently routed to any server should any unforeseen failures occur. The platform is a native cloud application that supports infinite scalability and adds computing power automatically as required. Data is backed up and distributed across multiple geographies and/or data centers and can be configured to adhere to data protection laws in your country or region.

  • Secure

    We at Boxever understand that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers' information are vital to their business operations and our own success. We use a multi-layered approach to protect that key information, constantly monitoring and improving our application, systems, and processes to meet the growing demands and challenges of security. Encryption is used extensively throughout the platform and all data is protected in-flight and at rest.

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