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Personalized marketing now a “must have” for airlines, OTAs, hotels and other travel providers

Dublin, IRELAND – Sept. 18, 2014 – Boxever, the leading provider of customer intelligence and personalized marketing for the travel industry, today announced the availability of a comprehensive research report conducted in conjunction with popular travel industry intelligence company Skift. The report, “The Future of Personalized Marketing in Travel,” is a result of in-depth interviews with dozens of executives at leading travel industry providers such as United Airlines, Four Seasons Hotel, Hilton, Travelocity, Delta Airlines and Kayak as well as industry experts.

Executives from Boxever will be available to discuss the report at the upcoming Skift Future of Travel Global Forum on October 9 in New York City.

The report lays out in quantitative and qualitative form the challenges travel companies face in dealing with an ever-increasing amount of data they have about their customers, and includes case studies from some of the top travel brands.

It concludes that personalized marketing is now a ‘must have’ for travel companies, with significant opportunities to increase conversion rates, sales and customer loyalty:

“We believe it’s most important to adopt an analytics-based model that harnesses the masses of digital data to better understand their customer and supply him with relevant information and services in every step of his travel experience – from search to booking, to in-cabin, in-room and beyond…companies need to know their customer and be able to, in real-time, tailor their strategies to effectively reach him. Personalized marketing through the use of Big Data can get you there.”

Despite the obvious big picture benefits of personalized marketing, the report points out that just 34% of travel industry executives questioned in a recent surveysaid their companies are discussing ways to use big data. Only 14% said they have embraced the concept.

A major challenge to the effective use of personalized marketing is the traditionally siloed organizational structures of travel companies. The research showed that 35% of travel companies have between 6 and 10 separate databases of customer information. The result is sub-optimal integration and analysis of valuable information, and multiple disconnected and often ineffective tactics to communicate with customers.

The report offers real marketing experiences from travel suppliers to justify the time and investment in personalized marketing, including that “…if used correctly, digital behavioral data can be used to deliver back a personalized experience each time a user visits a website; it can help drive relevant ads to a customer at a time they are more apt to book; and it can affect the voice and content of email and newsletter marketing campaigns to get the right messaging to the right audiences at the right time.”

Boxever points out that through the use of its big data analytics platform, for example, customer acquisition costs on paid media can be reduced by 21% by understanding more about the customer and serving them more relevant marketing materials.

The report concludes with some practical tips on how to get started with implementing personalized marketing through the use of big data.

The complete report is available for free download at

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Boxever helps airlines and online travel agents (OTAs) deliver personalized, 1:1 marketing experiences to their customers across all channels and at all stages of the customer lifecycle, through the innovative application of technology and big data. Companies like TigerAir, Wideroe, Atlantic Airways, and more achieve higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and improved loyalty using Boxever’s SaaS-based platform.  Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @Boxever.

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Skift is a travel intelligence company that offers news, information, data and services to professionals in the travel industry and professional travelers to help them make smart decisions about travel. Travel news & data offers a tremendous opportunity: With a $6.5 trillion contribution to GDP and 260 million jobs, travel — made up of tourism, hospitality, transport & leisure — is the world’s largest industry. Skift is the information and intelligence brand that matches the industry’s size and potential.

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