Realizing the True Value of Personalization

Better customer experience (CX) through personalization drives more revenue. And with the countless marketing cloud and data analytics technologies available today, personalization seems like it should be an attainable goal. But the truth is that few businesses are able to personalize across channels, in real time and in context. And even fewer have been able to deliver what’s most relevant to the business – clearly attributable revenue and fast ROI.

So what’s getting in the way?

Two things: disconnected data and the lack of automated decision-making from a central source.

True personalization considers real-time behavioral data from web browsing sessions, purchases or other expressions of intent. But it doesn’t stop there. To understand each customer’s journey, you also need to integrate legacy and transactional data locked in silos, such as past orders, as well as "event" data, such as missed payments.

Most businesses are marketing to customers based on rules and decisions designed per channel. If your technologies are disconnected across channels, you lose sight of a customer as soon as they move from one channel to another. And without a single view of the customer journey, it’s impossible to know how to best personalize in context.

Close the loop today with Boxever

Boxever identifies customers by uniting all of your data (behavioral, transactional and historical) and uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to centralize rules and decision-making for true omnichannel personalization at scale. In other words, you can close the loop with a complete view of the customer in context and the ability to respond appropriately in that context, wherever your customers are and whatever they’re doing.

Imagine if your messages contained more than one or two fields for personalized communication. Instead of just customizing < Name > or < Location >, you could personalize with hundreds, or even thousands, of unique parameters relevant to each customer.

For Boxever customers, this level of personalization is a reality that’s translating to millions in incremental revenue in just a few weeks.

Boxever Delivers on the Promise of Personalization

Taking a top-down view of the customer journey and how you might personalize every interaction flips your perspective from channel-focused, technology-led solutions to a customer-centric view driven by value.

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so you can realize the true value of personalization.

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  • Leave No Data Behind

    Every customer profile is comprised of real-time behavioral, operational and product data from every source, across channels.

  • Make Every Customer Experience Count

    Take personalization beyond the basics with decision-making capabilities that respond in real-time to thousands or millions of events.

  • Discover Real Results in Weeks

    In just four to eight weeks, our customers are increasing conversion by 4.5x, click-through rates by 7x and monthly revenue by 4.3%.

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