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Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19 Learn more

Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19
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Campaign management made easy

Quickly turn decision models into live personalisation campaigns across all your channels – website, mobile digital ads and email – with “Flows”. Whatever the scale of your project, Flows is a campaign-building tool that brings a new level of ease and agility to marketing campaign management with a library of ready-to-go integrations.

Operating at less than 150 milliseconds, it allows you to connect to any interactive or outbound channel using partner integrations, simple web requests or webhooks.

Make the whole greater than the sum

Decisioning in isolation puts limits on your personalisation. After all, your email marketing can’t make your mobile marketing smarter, can it? By centralising your decisioning, Engage makes all your channels smarter.

Engage helps you map out exactly what happens with each customer in every situation and – by connecting seamlessly with your marketing clouds – makes your marketing more effective on every channel.

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Give your campaigns wings

The best campaigns are those that adapt, change, improve and grow over time – and Engage gives you the agility you need to do it all. It makes it easy to constantly test and evaluate the performance of your campaigns and channels with insight in real-time.

Armed with in-depth knowledge on what channel or campaign is performing – or not – you’ll make better, quicker decisions about what tweak to make next.

Make the plan a reality

In the face of a fragmenting customer journey, it has never been more important to understand what experience each of your customers will have at every step of the journey. But there’s a big difference between making a plan, and delivering it.

Our skilled consultants – fluent in the latest marketing, design thinking and Lean Six Sigma methodologies – are on hand to help you with far more than just mapping your customer journey. They’ll help you optimise your technology to make the plan a reality – and make sure your customers get the very best experience.

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