Data That Works

Data is the most important weapon on the customer experience battleground, and businesses have no shortage of it. Trouble is, today’s complex, siloed tech infrastructure so often stands in the way of putting data to work. OneView is a Customer Data Platform built for the real world. It helps organisations quickly and simply connect all their data, truly understand their customers and deliver smarter interactions.

Data, Tamed

Organisations have no shortage of data, but all too often it’s stored in slow-moving, inaccessible or siloed databases. The result? Tapping into data’s rich potential is slow, expensive and painful – and the customer experience is limited.

OneView takes the pain away, quickly and constantly consuming data from all your channels to build a complete view of each of your customers in one place.

Know your customers inside out

Once upon a time, it made sense to store customer data channel-by-channel. In today’s era of the connected customer, however, this adds confusion, complexity and makes identifying real customers almost impossible.

By unifying all your data to provide one single customer view, OneView makes sure you know precisely who you’re talking to – and empowers truly data-driven marketing communications.

Better targeting, more consistent experiences

It’s right that segments are built where the best customer data exists. But when that data is siloed, there’s a problem: multiple segments in different places lead to imperfections, limitations and inconsistent experiences for the customer.

OneView provides the widest and most granular variety of customer data in one place to empower smarter segmentation.

Make the most of your data

Data only becomes a competitive advantage when it is used properly. As organisations come under pressure to think more carefully about how they collect and handle data, the need to find new ways to extract more value from what they have has intensified.

OneView enables organisations to leverage first-party data and decreases their reliance on third-party data.


  • Identity Resolution

    Boxever instantly creates Guest Profiles in batch from historical, transactional or behavioural customer data systems of record and in real-time from digital and services channels for every single customer, previously known or not. Using secure “PII” (Personally Identifiable Information), Intelligent ID performs a deterministic match to previously-created Guest Profiles to bring visibility across all your systems and channels.

  • Segments

    Discover and explore your audiences across all customer datasets. Each Guest Profile is (re)classified every 24 hours when Boxever processes iterate over your entire dataset. Segments can be defined by you, with the Boxever system processing, evaluating and interpreting new data to determine segment eligibility. Marketing segments are refreshed, and every customer is associated with the correct segments – resulting in more strategic, relevant and effective campaigns.

  • Audience Sync

    Seamlessly connect to Ad networks, social media, email and more. Boxever’s Customer Data Platform can conduct an Audience Sync to email management systems (e.g. Oracle Responsys, SFMC, IBM Unica, etc.) and paid media systems (e.g. Facebook, Google Ads or Doubleclick) to conduct classic marketing campaigns such as advertising via pay-per-click (PPC).

  • Smart Scores

    Boxever scores all of your customers by creating individual classifications for each Guest Profile. Classifications are achieved by adding scores derived from data science modelling – best time to interact, likelihood to buy, lifetime value – that are common across other similar-looking profiles and that are actionable by you, the marketer.