Boxever™ OneView

Build a Fresh, Deep
& Contextual View of Each Customer

Boxever™ OneView is a Customer Data Platform that uses the latest technology to pull fragments of information from disconnected marketing, commerce and customer service systems. It automatically connects all your customer data into a singular and contextual Guest Profile - no matter where the customer is in their journey, and no matter who in your organization is accessing a record. Email and ecommerce owners and customer service and call center reps know it's all the same customer!

Intelligent ID

Boxever™ OneView instantly creates Guest Profiles for every single customer, whether they are previously known to you or not. Using “PII” (Personally Identifiable Information), Intelligent ID performs a deterministic match to previously-created Guest Profiles to bring visibility across all your systems and channels.

Smart Scoring

Boxever™ OneView scores your customers by creating individual classifications for each Guest Profile. We add propensity and value scores – propensity to churn, likelihood to buy, lifetime value – that are common across similar-looking profiles and that are actionable by you.

Predictive Segments

Each Guest Profile is (re)classified into segments every 24 hours. Segments can be defined by you, and Boxever™ OneView continuously processes, evaluates and interprets new data to determine eligibility. This means that marketing segments are constantly refreshed, and every customer is associated with the right segments within 24 hours of an interaction – resulting in more relevant and effective campaigns.

Customer Insights

Boxever™ OneView generates industry-leading insights for every single customer. Our analytics build a knowledge base of customer behaviors and patterns, all visualized through easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

Audience Sync

Boxever™ OneView works with the tech you have in place to sync audiences and leverage insights across any channel, such as email systems (e.g., Oracle Responsys) or paid media systems (e.g., Facebook or Google). We help you run classic marketing campaigns on popular channels, augmented by the intelligence of Boxever. In early trials, customers have seen an uplift of up to 50% in PPC campaign effectiveness when using predictive segments.

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