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Omnichannel Personalisation

Better experiences, better results

The linear customer journey of yesterday is breaking down – changing consumer behaviours and new technology have seen to that. Boxever delivers “connected” omnichannel personalised experiences that drive acquisition, conversion, retention – and revenue.

Launch “human” conversations

Dynamic, two-way customer conversations that prize personal over irrelevant, and quality over quantity: that’s the promise of RTIM (Real-time Interaction Management). Boxever delivers on this promise simply and powerfully, enabling real time and batch decisioning (with instant connectivity to all your data and logic when you need it) to deliver real omnichannel personalisation.


Maximise every moment

A good recommendation can be the difference between missing an opportunity and winning a customer. Boxever maximises every interaction’s value by constantly analysing and adapting to user intent in real time. From there it makes intelligent product and content recommendations automatically in any channel.

Smart interactions at scale

True omnichannel personalisation combines customers’ in-the-moment behaviour with historical information. But it’s hard – very hard. Boxever’s AI engine handles it all for you. It automatically analyses and classifies your customers right “out of the box”, selecting the perfect experience for them in real time. Take the next step by fine-tuning your own decision management using our super-simple user interface.

Smart Scores

How to evolve your single customer view for omnichannel personalisation