Boxever for Mobile

Connect your customer data on mobile to drive conversion

Connect Mobile for Personalized Offers

While the usage of mobile devices, especially for ecommerce, is skyrocketing, today’s mobile marketing is disconnected from other data channels, and customer journeys are not connected across web and mobile. Boxever lets you seamlessly connect your mobile channels to your intelligent customer profiles, in any context, allowing you to deliver personalized and targeted offers to your customers, no matter the device they use.

Boxever connects mobile to the market’s leading guest profile for every interaction to push sales, increase conversions and retain loyal customers for a fully-connected brand experience.

Boxever Simplifies Personalization for Thousands of Variations

Many marketers have yet to see how truly powerful personalization can be, or how limited they really are when trying to tailor communications and messages for each customer. Until now.

What if the number of options you had for responsive personalization wasn’t two or three per communication, but hundreds, or even thousands? What if every customer journey was different, and tailored just for them?

Boxever delivers omnichannel personalization for 700M+ customer profiles worldwide through a customer intelligence cloud built for marketers. It identifies customers using all of your data and unites the decision-making capability of your business for true personalization at scale. Finally, it works with the tools you’re already using to readily personalize email, web or mobile - and even physical channels for your entire customer journey.

Drive Mobile Conversions

Boxever identifies and follows every customer across their entire journey, from your mobile app through to in-transit communications and location-based services. As you follow their journey, your knowledge about the customer grows exponentially, allowing Boxever to deliver more and more personalized, relevant predictive offers at any moment, continually improving the chance of conversion.

How Does Boxever for Mobile Work?

  • Leverage Open API

    Open API integrations for easy mobile app development

  • Personalize 1:1 on Mobile

    Activate historical, behavioral, transactional and operational data for real-time 1:1 personalization and predictive offers

  • Scale Through the Cloud

    Easily scale your personalized mobile marketing through a robust and secure cloud solution to realize incremental revenue

Discover Results, Fast

Our customers report that Boxever pays for itself very quickly - our average time-to-value is only 4-8 weeks.
Average results that we’ve seen with our customers include 4.5X growth in conversion rates and a 7X growth in CTR (click-through rates), to name a few.

“66% of millennials are comfortable planning an entire trip
on their smartphone.”

-Google/Phocuswright Leisure Traveler Study 2015

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