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Live Webinar I The Science of Gambling Compliance
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The omnichannel opportunity

The problem

Insurance companies have been optimising quote and buy for years. But so far, they’ve only scratched the surface. You can only get so far by retargeting visitors with segmented messaging or running channel-by-channel campaigns.

Not joining-up personalised interactions in real-time it’s ineffective at moving customers along their journey.

The solution

That’s where our CDP and personalisation platform can help. With Boxever you can quickly and simply connect all your data in one place, delivering individualised interactions that leap intelligently from touchpoint to touchpoint.

The result? A tailored experience for prospects and customers, and increased revenue for you.

Bringing it all together

Insurance Personalisation Software

We bring together all your customer, business and real-time data in one place. Every click, tap, form fill, field entry, chat, quote step, bug and error is instantly recognised and added to the record. We also integrate invaluable pricing and behavioural models from your data science team to make sure the right customers get the right prices. We do all this live and in real time.

The result? A deeper, better vein of insight on your customers that is always up to date and on-hand to empower personalised, frictionless customer journeys and optimised conversion.

Omnichannel Personalisation

Quote and Buy personalisation

At the customer’s pace

Every second counts, so don’t hang around for overnight batch uploads. Target customers right now, while they’re on your page.

Optimise with intelligence

Your customers are more than a segment. Use information they’ve shared to remember them and respond to their specific wants, needs and experiences.

Choose the right channel

Desktop machine. Smartphone. Direct mail. Call from an agent. Know what channels your customers prefer, and use them.

Decisioning engine

Our AI powered decisioning engine uses your combined customer and business insight to automate decisions about what content to put in front of every single customer or prospect, when, and on what channel.

Boxever makes sure your customer or prospect receives the most personalised experience (and best price available) wherever they are in the journey. What that means for you: personalised quote and buy experiences that convert – and minimised abandonment.

Decisioning and AI


Boxever connects decisions – constantly – across all your inbound and outbound channels. It coordinates how you present your policies, products and prices through website banners, slide-ins, push-notifications, lightboxes, ads, SMS messages, email, direct mail, outbound contact centre calls – all the tools in the marketing mix.


Test, learn, adapt, grow

Without understanding you have nothing. Boxever’s powerful analytic platform helps you identify, deploy and refine the strategies that will help you convert the most customers. Say goodbye to static, one size fits all quote and buy personalisation funnels. Say hello to adaptive 1:1 personalised experiences that drive real results.

Testing & Analytics

Better experiences, better results


Recognise customers when they visit your site. Personalise your home page and quote funnel with the most relevant “Next Best Action”.


Deliver exit intent messaging before a prospect abandons the quote.


Autofill quotes for existing customers and prospects returning to your site.


Without saving the quote, use quote memory to make sure the buyer sees their full quote details when they return to your website.


Respond to customers who have received an online quote instantly to achieve the best results – whether by phone, email or text message.


Unleash omnichannel, next-best-action retargeting. Reach customers with personalised marketing that gives them right-time, right-place messages.

Make every Quote & Buy interaction smarter