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Live Webinar I The Science of Gambling Compliance
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Boxever Innovation

Boxever was built on innovation. We work with the latest tech and we never stop. Learn how we do it today with some of the biggest brands in the world.

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Drive into the future

Our customer success team will be with you from day one. First, they’ll swoop in with the basics. They’ll get you up-and-running on the platform. Provide training. Offer hotdesk support and account management. But they specialise in so much more. As long-term partners to all your teams, they’ll provide strategic success services and projects. Whether that’s advice on optimising the customer lifecycle, helping to refine channel engagement or running workshops to define your personalisation roadmap, you’ll have support from the most experienced and creative team in the business.

Two heads, better than one

The age of individual organisations solving big problems on their own is over: the era of collaboration is here. We know we won’t always have all the answers, or get to them quickly on our own. So we bring together brilliant thinkers from customers and universities to stretch our thinking, incubate new ideas and add extra rigour to our what we do. The result: better products and tools, tested and shaped for the real world.

Innovation workshop

Releasing your
innovative potential

It doesn’t always have to be us doing the innovation: we’re just as focused on helping our customers push for constant improvement of their tech stack or customer experience. That’s where innovation workshops come in. Whether our customers are looking for technical solutions to an infrastructure problem, a new approach to channel engagement or want to shake-up how they’re looking at segmentation, our workshops turn old thinking on its head and forge new paths forward.

Innovation methodologies

that scales

Great ideas aren’t great ideas if they don’t work in practice. We’re obsessed with being practitioners of scalable innovation – that is, innovation that really works. Our people hail from a range of places, disciplines and educational backgrounds, and all bring structured thinking to the big challenges facing our customers. Whether it’s Design Thinking, Ideate, Agile or Lean Six Sigma, we marry the right methodology with the right “big idea” to make sure our customers get products and tools that really work.


Making big
leaps forward

Even the brightest, best and most creative thinkers can get bogged-down in the day-to-day. Progress often needs time and space to breathe. Every year a Boxever “hack” called Boxathon frees the entire business from the constraints of the day job. Teams of engineers, analysts, account management, HR and finance professionals work together to take new ideas and create early tool, product and methodology prototypes. The aim: to make our customers’ lives easier, or their work more effective.

Getting started with Boxever is easy

Take the first step towards smarter customer interactions. Check out our interactive product tour, or book a demo, to see how Boxever can work for you.

Build smarter customer interactions

If you’re looking to drive your business forward with data management, decisioning, experimentation and personalisation we’d love to have an expert show you around our platform.

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