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Live Webinar I The Science of Gambling Compliance
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Smarter utilities experiences

Boxever helps you optimise your digital presence through data-driven decisioning, experimentation and personalisation.

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See your customers in high definition

Utility companies are sitting on a data goldmine, but often can’t make sense of what they have. Our Customer Data Platform unifies all your data intelligently, removing any overlap and duplication of customer records and applying the right context in real time.

You’ll benefit from a crystal-clear view of each of your customers and a deep understanding of their likes and preferences that empowers the smart selection of the best actions to take with them in every moment.

Customer Data Platform

Communicate anytime, anyplace

Today’s account holders are turning away from the old way of doing things: paper statements and analogue meter readings. They want something they get elsewhere – interactions that take place at the times that suit them, on the devices that suit them.

By connecting your data and channels in one place, we help you create slick “right-time, right-place” experiences that can leap from web to app to contact centre seamlessly. The result? “Connected” omnichannel interactions and a personalised journey for your customers – and increased acquisition, conversion and retention for you.

Omnichannel Experiences

Bring new relevance

Make sure you always offer the right products, services and rates to the right customers with Boxever. Whether you’re looking to offer a new tariff to a customer or sell a new product, we can help you take on new relevance in your customers’ lives.

Boxever takes the deepest, most accurate understanding of your customers and turns it into content recommendations that drive real results. Our decisioning engine optimises these recommendations in real time so your customers receive the most relevant content whenever and wherever they’re browsing – or even if they’re speaking to a representative on the phone.

Web Channel

Engagement with precision

Boxever helps you craft, target and automate hyper effective digital advertising based on customer data – all with surgical precision. Our AI engine makes your media spend much more efficient by making sure only the right people see your content (it seamlessly integrates with Google and Facebook, too).

It helps convert bounced traffic by presenting regular site visitors with relevant offers elsewhere. And it helps you target new customers by creating look-a-like audiences based on characteristics they share with customers you already know. It’s the end of spray and pray.

Digital Advertising

Take your messaging, mobile

Today’s customers are increasingly turning to their mobile – not their nearest branch – when managing their utilities bills. We help you offer value and convenience to your customers through personalised interactions directly on their smartphone.

Want to send important service updates to your customers, instantly? Reach them on the device they use the most with Boxever.

Mobile messaging

21st century telephone engagement

In the age of experience, contact centres are uniquely placed to deliver high-value interactions. Their role has never been so important for utility companies looking to offer standout customer service, deal with issues quickly and deliver advice and support alongside the basics.

Boxever’s AI helps you predict customer needs and issues ahead of time and then gives your agents the tools they need to make and take the right calls in less time, increase engagement and deliver better results.

Contact centre

Make your strategy a reality

In the face of an ever more commoditised market – and new disruptive players making new promises to account holders – the race for customer experience leadership in utilities has never been so intense. We’ve been a specialist martech company since 2011 and our experienced consultants are on hand to help shape your customer experience strategy.

And, once it’s down on paper, we have the smarts to help optimise your technology to make the plan a reality.

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