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Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19 Learn more

Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19
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Gaming Personalisation Platform

Slick, immersive experiences

Today’s online players expect a modern, immersive and joined up experience, whenever they want it and on whatever device. By connecting all your data and channels, in one place, we help you create slick right-time, right-place experiences that can leap from touchpoint to touchpoint in real time (and even as a game progresses).

The result? Connected content across on and off network channels, that deliver a smoother, more instant and immersive experience for your players – and reduced churn for you.

Omnichannel Personalisation

Drive engagement, margin and revenue

Boxever takes the deepest, most accurate understanding of your players, turning it into recommendations that are intelligently matched to the right people at the right time. Our decision engine optimises these recommendations in real time so players receive relevant and timely markets, games, odds and promotions tailored to their passions. You’ll increase your active players and bet values, optimise margins and increase your average revenue per user (ARPU).

Decisioning and AI

Take your markets, mobile

Whether they’re on the sofa at home, out for drinks with friends or at the stadium, today’s players are glued to their mobiles. Through web banners or retargeting, push notifications or SMS, we help you offer inspiration and convenience to your players through personalised interactions and in-play markets delivered directly to their smartphone.

We can help you deliver hyper relevant messages specific to their precise location using geofence technology, too. Has one of your players just reached Wembley? Send them updates on their team’s latest odds, and update them on changing markets as the game progresses.

Mobile Channel

Always on marketing

Your games are 24/7, 365 days a year. Your players don’t stop, so why should your marketing? Boxever automates real-time personalised marketing so it can offer smarter, more enriched experiences that are always on. You’ll be able to offer your players the latest and greatest games, odds and markets even when your marketing team has gone home.

Email channel

Real-time in-play personalisation

Boxever combines in-play game data with customer data, empowering personalised in-play marketing – in real time. The result? A more tailored experience for your players, and higher value interactions for you.

Reach players whenever, wherever

Boxever unleashes hyper-effective digital advertising powered by automated, precise decisions based on your customer data. Our AI engine dramatically reduces the cost of acquisition by making sure only the right people see your content (it seamlessly integrates with Google and Facebook, too). It helps convert bounced traffic by presenting regular site visitors with relevant promotions and markets elsewhere. And it helps you target new players by creating look-a-like audiences based on characteristics they share with players you already know. It’s the end of spray and pray.

Digital Advertising

Put compliance in auto

When it comes to acting responsibly, much is expected of gaming companies. And, with regulations within and across borders in a constant state of flux, it’s a complex job. Boxever was built from the ground up to make sure gaming companies automatically deliver content that is both engaging and compliant, wherever in the world their players are logging in. You can use our decisioning engine to promote responsible gambling to your players too, sending personalised messages based on their current session and historical play patterns.


Make your strategy a reality

The gaming industry is in the midst of a digital arms race with companies new and old looking for ever more innovative ways to lead in player experience.

We’ve been a specialist data, analytics and AI company since 2011 and our experienced consultants are on hand to help shape your strategy. And, once it’s down on paper, we have the smarts to help optimise your technology to make the plan a reality.

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