Financial Services

Financial Services

Boxever helps you build customer loyalty and acquire new customers by taking immediate advantage of the data available from all sources in your network. Boxever specializes in unifying all your data and activating it in context for better customer engagement. With Boxever you can move beyond traditional communications so transactions and products become more relevant in your customers’ financial lives. Boxever enables you to deliver highly personalized offers and relevant communications to your customers – online and in-branch – by applying advanced decision making intelligence to engage with the right message or offer at the right time and place.

Retail banking

  • Increase Revenue

    We help with your goals to consolidate your customers’ banking with your institution by enabling you to maximize cross-selling through managing the communication stream across multiple channels. With Boxever you can identify heavy branch users and interact with them when and how they prefer, and provide relevant interactions during “moments of truth”

  • Communicate Personally

    Boxever helps you enhance brand engagement across both your branch network and via online channels by understanding customers’ needs and interactions with the bank, acting on the most appropriate engagement triggers and by optimizing all marketing ‘levers’ to provide the maximum impact on marketing spend

  • Generate Insights

    Boxever keeps a record of every interaction a customer has with your brand, allowing you to not only plan campaigns and strategy around realtime behavioural data combined with your systems of record, but to apply Boxever's Predictive Segmentation and data science models to devise and take action based on triggers and behaviour

Pension & Assurance

  • Increase Contributions

    Stimulate increased contributions from your subscribers by optimizing engagement in service channels such as web portal, call-centre, mobile app. Provide relevant offers and communications based on previous interactions, contributions and service enquiries.

  • Right Offer Right Time

    Maximize the impact you can have on your customers’ journey with their pension by providing relevant, meaningful communications during major life events such as reaching age milestones, changes in employment status and change in family status.

  • Use All Your Data

    Transform the way you engage with your customers and what you engage about. Boxever allows you to leverage all your customers’ historical interactions and combine them with rich, real-time contextual information to deliver a proactive, predictive customer experience across all channels.