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Made for Data Scientists

Data is the world’s most valuable resource, but all too often it’s left untapped: its potential untamed, uncharted. Explore is a fully-managed deep analytics platform that seamlessly connects all your data to deliver deeper knowledge and more powerful insight. Built for data scientists, it offers access to unparalleled volumes of data and a new level of freedom to develop smarter, more effective models.

Insight Without Limits

OneView, our Customer Data Platform (CDP), manages over a billion guest profiles and contains invaluable customer insight. Explore puts all this knowledge into the palm of your hands: analysts can query an unparalleled amount of data efficiently without moving data from Boxever’s secure infrastructure.

Runaway Connectivity

Have valuable data that lives outside Boxever, and want to use it to generate insight? No problem. Explore simply and easily connects with other business databases to help you develop the deeper, more meaningful insights you’ll need to build more powerful models and take more intelligent decisions. It also allows you to import ad-hoc datasets for better performance.

Unconstrained Collaboration

Say goodbye to the slow, insecure and fragmented world of sharing insights via .csv files or USB keys. Explore Workspaces is built to empower secure collaboration between your teams. It helps analysts in the day-to-day, too - they can save an unlimited amount of derived tables or other processed data on the platform to pick up later. The result? Greater insight, generated quicker.

Put Your Models Through Their Paces

Developing high-performing predictive models starts and ends with quality training data. Explore draws on OneView data (and any other source) to train better, more effective predictive models based on the most complete and accurate view of your customer possible.

Reduce Operational Overheads, Remove the Headache

The cost of storing data may not be as eye-wateringly expensive as it once was, but that doesn’t make storing it twice or three times an efficient way of doing things. Explore removes the risk of duplication by drawing on data from OneView. And because it has been built API first, it allows you to connect your existing Business Intelligence or data science tools to the best possible view of your customer without embarking on a new and expensive data warehouse project. Finally: as a cloud-hosted, managed data lake made available securely to authorised users, there’s no infrastructure to manage - you won’t need a database admin, either.


  • Native SQL Interface

    Powered by Presto, Explore SQL provides a familiar, ANSI-SQL compliant interface for analysts and data scientists that allows teams to be productive immediately.

  • Machine Learning

    Explore ML provides custom clusters to handle the biggest machine learning workloads. These enable data scientists to train and build models using R, Python, Java and Scala.

  • Workspaces

    Each analyst can store results in a persistent data workspace that allows them to iteratively build models and share results securely among their team. This enables the flexibility to create new or derived data sets with no data limits.

  • In-memory Query Engine

    Infinitely scalable, blindingly fast, in-memory query engine that can process vast quantities of structured and unstructured data, which can be scaled up and down in line with demand.

  • Import / Export

    Easily import external data, with over 100 different databases supported. Data is not merged with OneView, enabling safe experimentation.

    All data stored can be easily exported as files or written to disk locally.