Boxever™ Engage

Enabling brands to deliver consistent 1:1 customer experiences

Boxever Engage is a personalization engine that empowers brands to create more meaningful relationships with customers by making every interaction smarter. It cuts through the complexity of the modern enterprise technology stack to quickly and simply unify data and decision making. Through this advanced technology, brands can deliver joined-up, consistent and truly 1:1 customer experiences that ultimately drive better business outcomes.

Acting as the “brain” within your marketing (and business) tech ecosystem, Boxever Engage absorbs all customer data to make informed decisions on what should happen next in a customer’s journey. It then executes that action through the most appropriate channels.

Intuitive Decisioning Canvas

A drag and drop, intuitive user experience means Engage – and decisioning – really is for everyone. Boxever built the Engage decisioning canvas to enable all levels of marketers, coders and developers to build, test and deploy decisioning strategies on the fly, and drag and drop A.I. models with a couple of clicks.

Quick and simple integration of A.I

Boxever Engage helps brands respond to this ever changing world of AI and the challenges that come with it. It helps marketing to move beyond segments, quickly and easily experiment with 1:1 personalization and integrate artificial intelligence, rules and machine learning. Engage enables best of breed AI to be transparently and safely be brought into every decision to deliver data-driven personalisation.

Real Time Activation

Boxever™ Engage delivers the best response through the most appropriate channel - fast. For example, the response to a service issue notification could be an email or text to the customer, an alert for the call center to contact the customer personally – or any combination. And the Boxever Predictive Personalization Engine responds in less than 150 milliseconds!

Tracking & Attribution

Boxever™ Engage tracks offers and their performance (e.g., click data, bounce data, open rate) that can enrich a guest profile and allow you to analyze your performance, as well as enabling A.I. to learn from the outcomes and grow smarter over time. You can see and understand who is responding to which offer.

Performance Analytics

Personalizing at scale, with millions of customers at once, requires advanced analytics to track the performance and success of each interaction. Boxever™ Engage's Performance Analytics measures the results (positive and negative) of all personalized interactions served by the platform. This is a game changer for any brands looking to optimise customer experiences and deliver maximum value from every single interaction.

Platform Agnostic

Boxever Engage has been built for a rapidly changing world. It is platform agnostic, ready to work with existing and future marketing technology and channels. It enables safe and effective integration of A.I. and machine learning, and works seamlessly with a wide range of martech solutions – whether provided by vendors or built by your own teams. While other services seek to box you in, Engage doesn’t restrict you: it will work with whatever software, platform or model you need it to.

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