Personalisation, Set Free

In a world where experience is everything, Engage is a breakthrough Personalisation Engine that puts an endless stream of unique, personal customer interactions within reach. Built for business and a changing world, it helps organisations break free from the segments, campaigns and linear customer journeys of yesterday – and engage tomorrow’s customer one-to-one.

Remarkable Customer Experiences

All too often, personalisation decision-making is siloed in channels. The result? Inefficiency. Errors. A mass of spreadsheets and emails. And a disjointed, imperfect customer experience.

Engage sets a new bar for ‘intelligent’ platforms. It quickly and powerfully unifies your decision management in one place.

Unlock AI Quickly and Simply

AI has become commonplace. But has it made the leap beyond the hype? Too often it lies dormant, disconnected from tech stacks that don’t offer the freedom to integrate it.

That’s too much potential to be gathering dust. Engage unlocks the power of AI and machine learning without fuss, to bring it transparently and safely into every decision, on every channel.

Fit for the Experiences Economy

We’re on the verge of the experiences economy, where moments shared between brands and their customers mean everything. Despite this, many marketers are still wrestling with segmentation and campaigns rather than treating customers as individuals. Soon these marketing staples will be unfit for purpose.

Engage prepares your business for the new experiences economy.

Personalisation, Democratised

The complexity of existing tools limits access to a select few. The result? Collaboration between teams becomes impossible. Deploying personalisation campaigns takes months. Projects stay siloed or unstrategic.

Engage changes all that. With a breakthrough user interface simple enough for anyone to access and use, it empowers close collaboration across teams, powerful testing and quick optimisation, deployment and scaling.


Decision Management

  • Canvas

    Our Canvas enables the user to build out logic in an intuitive and structured way. Whether you want to build simple or complex interconnected decision models, the Canvas will ensure your teams get the best possible view of how your business logic has been configured.

  • Predictive Models

    Run predictive models natively in Engage with support for models encoded in PMML. Alternatively, users can build Bridges to models hosted and executed in 3rd party systems. This ensures that all your AI workstreams can work together through Boxever. The question of where to host or execute your models is no longer an issue.

  • Decision Tables

    The ability to construct and deploy simple or complex rule-based decisions using a table structure. Made for all users to be able to start with AI.

  • Decision Models

    Designed to be simple, quick, yet powerful, users can build using Decision Tables, Scripting, Predictive Models or by creating data Bridges.

  • Scripts

    While Decision Tables allow users of all abilities to get started with AI, power users with technical skillsets can unlock more flexibility and decisioning power by coding scripts using Javascript, FEEL, Python or Boxever’s DSL.

  • Bridges

    If the data or logic you need to run your model doesn’t exist in Boxever, that shouldn’t stop you adding value to your customer, so you can create a Bridge to another system to get the information you need.


  • Flows

    Connect the insights you generate into any customer channel. Operating at less than 150 milliseconds, Flows can connect to any interactive channel or outbound communication with ease, using partner integrations, simple web requests or webhooks.

  • Integrated

    Engage is built to hook into a complex marketing stack. It can integrate into any inbound or outbound customer channel. Most major integrations come out of the box (Web, Mobile, Salesforce, Oracle or Adobe Marketing Clouds, Emarsys, Cheetah Digital, IBM Campaign and more) along with the ability to configure new integrations using Webhooks if required. There are three types of integrations: Interactive, Triggered or Data Syncs, to ensure all channels can be connected.

  • Offer Management

    Create dynamic Offers (any message to a customer). Offers can link to a CMS or other DAM systems to ensure the customer gets the best content on every channel.

Testing, Deployment & Analytics

  • A/B/N Testing

    Test up to 4 variants of a Decision Model in production, with an additional 3 variants in draft. Users can use A/B/N Testing to start direct 1% of their traffic to their new Variant, increasing this as they gain confidence, providing a safe, scalable means to deploy to production. This can remove the need for an entire UAT environment, saving up to 75% of the time to deploy.

  • Silent Testing

    When you are confident of your logic, Boxever enables the user to place the Decision Model Variant into a runtime environment, track every time it would have fired, but never actually makes any offers to Customers. This helps the user to understand likely impacts and prepare for full production release.

  • Sample Testing

    Choose a Profile from OneView to test whether your Decision Model Variant is providing the Offers you expect. Users can edit this profile during the test without affecting the Profile, ensuring a secure, complete form of testing.

  • Performance Dashboards

    Each activity taken by Boxever is tracked, attributed and reported. Each Decision Model and Flow comes with comprehensive Performance Analytics. For complex
    analytics, users can use Explore to retrain or perform deep attribution.

  • Governance

    Enterprises require transparency and order in equal measure. Engage comes with governance features like Revision, Deployment Audit and Decision Execution histories. Users have full transparency about what Engage is doing and how it has been configured, safe in the knowledge that they can roll back at any time.