Boxever for Email Marketing

Drive higher email engagement and conversion

Stop Creating Lists - Use Predictive Segments

Most likely, you can’t sync your customer or operational data with your email marketing, making it hard to personalize emails beyond inserting a first name in the greeting line. In an attempt to deliver meaningful, targeted messages that actually impact behavior, you’re probably making hundreds of lists to segment customers into broad categories.

With Boxever, you can stop making lists and start using intelligent Predictive Segments to better target your email campaigns for increased conversions - no matter which email solution you use.

Boxever Simplifies Personalization for Thousands of Variations

Many marketers have yet to see how truly powerful personalization can be, or how limited they really are when trying to tailor communications and messages for each customer. Until now.

What if the number of options you had for responsive personalization wasn’t two or three per communication, but hundreds, or even thousands? What if every customer journey was different, and tailored just for them?

Boxever delivers omnichannel personalization for 700M+ customer profiles worldwide through a customer intelligence cloud built for marketers. It identifies customers using all of your data and unites the decision-making capability of your business for true personalization at scale. Finally, it works with the tools you’re already using to readily personalize email, web or mobile - and even physical channels for your entire customer journey.

Grow Your Email Conversion Rates

Boxever leverages your historical, behavioral, transactional and operational data - in real time - to create and adapt Predictive Segments of customers. Segments refresh every 24 hours, so they are always up to date with the latest customer interactions, allowing your offers to be much more relevant and giving them a better chance of conversion. Segments can be pushed to any email delivery solution, and responses are fed back to your customer profiles, so you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t.

How Does Boxever for Email Work?

  • Leverage Open API

    Open API integrates with any email solution, so you can use the tech you already have in place

  • Reduce Spend

    Reduce integration costs and get a scalable, secure omnichannel view via a robust cloud solution

  • Activate Your Data

    Activate all of your enterprise data - historical, behavior, transactional and operational - for more effective email marketing

Real Results for Our Customers

Boxever’s customers realize ROI fast, with typical time-to-value being just 4-8 weeks. Typical customer results include 4.5X increase in conversion rates, and one customer saw email open rates of greater than 50% when sending “abandoned-cart” follow-up emails.

“Nearly seven in 10 said they would disclose personal facts if the emails they received were more relevant as a result.”

-eMarketer: Personalization Sees Payoff in Marketing Emails,
June 2015

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