Boxever for Display Advertising

Target the right audiences for a significant uplift

Drive Your Advertising Conversion Rates

Boxever lets you personalize ad campaigns to specific audiences in ways you can’t today - and our customers have seen a 50% uplift in campaign effectiveness as a result.

How? Boxever creates and adapts Predictive Segments from your customer database, which can be exported as batch audiences and leveraged through display advertising channels for more effective campaigns. The segments are refreshed within 24 hours of any customer interaction, so they’re always up to date. A feedback loops links directly to your customer profiles, so you’ll know which offers are working.

Increase Revenue

With Boxever, your advertising will be more targeted than it’s ever been, leveraging artificial intelligence to increase the likelihood of conversion on every offer. Our Customer Intelligence Cloud solution activates your disconnected historical, behavioral, transactional and operational data to target the right people with the right ads - at the right time.

How Does Boxever for Display Ads Work?

  • Leverage Open API

    Open API integrates with any paid advertising platform, such as Facebook Ads

  • Reduce Spend

    Improve your ad relevance, leading to reduced spend and higher conversion rates

  • Scale to Millions

    Easily scale your advertising campaigns across targeted audiences using a robust and secure cloud solution

Our Customers Are Seeing Real Results - Right Now

Boxever’s customers begin to realize ROI very quickly - average time-to-value is only 4-8 weeks. Typical customer results include 4.5X increase in conversion rates and 7X increase in CTR (click-through rates), to give a few examples.

“Personalization increases key metrics like clicks, open rates and conversions, often by substantial margins.”

-VentureBeat: Marketing Personalization, Maximizing Relevance and Revenue, June 2015

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