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Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19 Learn more

Smarter digital experiences during Covid-19
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Decisioning and AI

Personalisation democratised

The complexity of existing decisioning tools limits access to a select few. The result? Teams can’t work together. Campaigns take months to roll-out. Projects are unstrategic. Boxever’s “decisioning canvas” changes all that with an intuitive, structured interface that empowers everyone to design the models that will drive personalised interactions.

Whether using simple tables or “drag and drop” charts, all your teams will have the best possible view of how your decisioning is configured. Closer collaboration. Quicker optimisation and deployment.

Power where you need it

Gone are the days when predictive models are held back by a host of unconnected systems, slow databases and incomplete data. Engage makes it easy to build, run and score predictive models in one place. Users can create models on the fly using decision tables or go deeper with programmable models.

Alternatively they can build bridges to models hosted elsewhere. Whatever way they’re created, your models will be supercharged with the most granular data possible and updated in real-time.

More meaningful engagement

It’s no longer just about “the sell”. Just communicating with customers doesn’t cut it anymore: you have to engage with them on a human-level, offering value on their own terms. Boxever Decisioning helps you step beyond mere recommendations by intelligently selecting actions across all channels – including those that cross the digital divide – that build deeper engagement and real relationships.

Whether it’s offering a meeting with a sales advisor, assistance with an application or advice on a specific event, the possibilities to guide customers through a bespoke journey are endless.

Boxever recognised by Gartner

Boxever is a Niche player in Gartner’s Personalisation Engine Magic Quadrant, and one of the top vendors out of hundreds of personalisation and CX tools. Read how we made it possible by focusing on Decisioning and providing the expertise, capability and flexibility our customers need.

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All your AI, under one roof

Delivering consistent omni-channel customer experiences depends on one thing more than any other: connected AI. But here’s the thing: most businesses today don’t have it. Their tech stacks don’t allow it. Their AI is isolated, disconnected from their data and decisioning.

The result? Personalisation with the handbrake on. Boxever removes the shackles by creating “bridges” to all your AI solutions and bringing them together in one, centralised place. It’s AI unlimited.

Data unlimited

Your decisioning is only as good as the data available to it. It needs the right information at the right time. Boxever takes your decisioning further by removing all limits on the datasets you can bring into your models. If your model needs extra data such as availability or pricing, it will retrieve it for you – in real time – while your model is running.

The Importance of Decisioning in Executing your Personalisation Strategy