Our customers are forward-thinking, innovative enterprises
looking to improve customer experience and gain a competitive
edge. We work in close partnership with them to pin-point the
solutions they need to help them achieve their objectives.

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Our Customers

  • Aer Lingus’ partnership
    with Boxever supports its
    growth strategy by driving
    increased direct bookings and ancillary revenues
  • Boxever shortens the
    delivery cycle and enables us
    to see results more quickly
  • By personalizing the online
    experience, we have been able to
    drive conversion and realize a 100%
    ROI in just four weeks of using one
    of Boxever’s urgency message apps
  • By implementing Boxever’s
    Customer Intelligence Cloud we
    will improve our ability to act on
    the real-time data we receive from numerous sources, making
    our marketing efforts smarter
    and more efficient
  • Boxever allows us to model
    the right products and eliminate
    unwanted choices at the right
    time, and at the right price, to
    maximize revenue
  • Thanks to Boxever, we can
    now offer our customers even
    more personalized interactions,
    which has already resulted in a
    revenue uplift in the hundreds
    of thousands of dollars
  • Boxever drives conversion
    and increases relevance
    across every customer
  • Boxever significantly improves
    customer engagement and
    conversion across all channels
    and brands


Acquisition. Retention. Conversion rates. Customer loyalty.
Lifetime value. NPS.

No one organisation, marketing or customer strategy is the
same. Whatever your customer experience objectives are, we
here at Boxever can help.


NPS increase delivered for


Additional revenue recovered
for Brussels Airlines through
Intelligent Cart Recovery


Return on Cebu Pacific's investment
in Boxever within four weeks


Events and orders collected by
Boxever each month for Jetstar


Learn how organisations like yours transform their customer
relationships and commercial outcomes by working with us.


How Jetstar transformed customer experience and generated millions more in annual revenue.

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