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Customer Data Platform

Know your customers inside-out

Boxever CDP makes sure you know precisely who you’re talking to. It unifies all your data intelligently, removing any overlap and duplication of customer records and applying the right context in real time. The result? Customer understanding unparalleled in its depth and accuracy.

Recognise every customer, every time

Boxever CDP instantly creates profiles for every single customer using historical, transactional and behavioural customer data. And because it “matches and merges” new profiles with old in real time, you’ll always have the most complete, up-to-date records possible with no duplication. There’ll never be a moment when you’re uninformed.

Better targeting, better experiences

Siloed data can mean siloed segmentation. Boxever CDP improves the accuracy and efficiency of your targeting by providing a single place to build segments using all your sources. When you have more granular data, you’ll have more powerful segments.

Customer Segmentation


What’s the difference between a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a Data Management Platform (DMP)? Our infographic spells out all you need to know. What they are. Similarities and differences. And when you might need one over the other. Take a quick look.

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Out of the box personalisation

Boxever CDP gets straight to work as soon as you start sending it data. Its data science engine automatically analyses and classifies your customers in useful ways – best time to interact, likelihood to buy, propensity to purchase or churn, or preferred device – based on other, similar-looking profiles.

Targeted advertising made smarter

Boxever CDP makes automated and hyper-targeted digital advertising simple. It seamlessly integrates with all your email management systems (like Oracle-Responsys, SFMC, Adobe Campaign, Emarsys and Unica) and paid media systems (like Facebook, Google Ads and Doubleclick) allowing you to conduct a full range of marketing campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Grow and innovate with ease

Where some customer data platforms hem you in, Boxever CDP sets you free. It plays nicely with your other technology, removing any barriers to integrating with existing and future platforms. Whether your data moves fast or slow, Boxever has you covered with stream, interactive and batch APIs. You’ll have the flexibility to experiment, build and grow.

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