Contact centre

In the age of experience, contact centres are uniquely placed to deliver high-value interactions. Boxever gives your agents the insight and tools they need to make the right calls in less time, increase engagement and deliver better results.

Queue prioritisation

Look after those
that matter most

It’s true: not all callers are created equal. Boxever makes sure customers that need special treatment aren’t left hanging. By integrating with your telephony systems and drawing on existing and real-time customer data, it quickly identifies customers that need priority attention – and puts them at the front of the line.

Service recovery and alerts

Keep your customers happy

Everyone knows customers are more likely to share a bad experience than a good one. The trouble is, a good experience often depends on understanding what a customer’s problem or needs instantly. Boxever’s service recovery and alerts give your agents the fullest view possible of what a caller needs based on what they’ve done in the past and what they’re doing “live”. Pairing the right action to the right issue, they’ll know precisely how to help.

Next best action

Better engagement, deeper relationships

In a world where customers demand to be engaged on a human level, the contact centre should come into its own. We help your agents deliver the highest levels of personalised service by intelligently selecting actions to take with customers that build deeper engagement – and real relationships. Whether it’s offering a meeting with a sales advisor, walking them through a mortgage application or suggesting an app download, the possibilities to guide customers through a bespoke journey are endless.

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