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Live Webinar I The Science of Gambling Compliance
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Run smarter experiments powered by customer insights

We make powerful experimentation simple. Test, learn, optimise, repeat.

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Intelligent experimentation at scale

Real-time experimentation across all your products, apps and channels.

Listen to the data

Build products based on the data. Stop relying on the HIPPOS (highest paid person's opinions) and focus on the hard data.

Experiment on any product, app or channel

A/B test new features or experiences in any digital product, app or channel with client-side and server-side experimentation.

Track and measure the impact

Understand each experiments impact on your business goals. Crystal-clear analytics driven by a powerful statistics engine.

Get real customer feedback

Get real user feedback alongside empirical test data. We help you pair micro-surveys with your experiments.

Build a culture of experimentation

Test, learn, optimise, repeat. Align all teams across the business behind a culture of improvement and optimisation.

Experiment at the speed of your ideas

Jump the dev queue and experiment at the speed of your ideas. Run tests and keep the winners running while the backlog catches up.

Customer-led Experimentation

Drive experiments to test new ideas with your customer base or anonymous visitors.

Precision targeting

Target any interaction and customer cohort

Effortless A/B testing

Easily experiment with user experiences and features

Track your KPIs

Measure success with the metrics that matter to you

Boxever is our centralized brain for personalization, decisioning and orchestration for our customer touchpoints, from marketing, digital and within our call centre.

Cathryn Arnold

Head of Digital

Experimentation for your whole ecosystem

Easily setup client-side or server-side experiments targeted by customer cohort.


Boxever experimentation is fuelled by real-time customer insights. It empowers business users to precisely target A/B tests using an unparalleled breadth of session and customer specific targeting options.

Getting started with Boxever is easy

Take the first step towards smarter customer interactions. Check out our interactive product tour, or book a demo, to see how Boxever can work for you.

Build smarter customer interactions

If you’re looking to drive your business forward with data management, decisioning, experimentation and personalisation we’d love to have an expert show you around our platform.

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