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Optimisation and Testing

AI-driven improvement

A/B testing and optimisation can get you a long way, but it has its limits in a world where segmentation leaves some customers unserved. Boxever’s machine learning scientifically optimises all your customer interactions based on existing and real time data. Just configure your variations, set your goals and let Boxever handle the rest.

Go through the gears

Refine and improve strategies before rolling them out across your whole customer base. Boxever evaluates a “challenger” strategy against your current “champion”, giving you full control of what proportion of your customers you test it with. Because we make it so easy to compare the performance of each, you can quickly go through the gears – continually testing, repeating and improving.

Testing & Analytics

Safe, secure, precise

Need more granular testing? Boxever’s “silent testing” essentially runs a simulation that shows how your decision model will perform without making any actual offers to customers. Elsewhere sample testing allows you to see how your decision model works with one customer profile securely and without affecting the record.

Get crystal clarity

Every single action taken by Boxever is tracked, attributed and reported, and every single decision model you create comes with comprehensive performance analytics. More advanced users can use Boxever to retrain models or perform deep attribution.

Analytics & attribution

How to evolve your single customer view for omnichannel personalisation