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Customer Segmentation

Segment. Click. Distribute. Click.

The route to hyper-personalisation lies in increasingly granular segmentation. Trouble is, each step on the road brings greater complexity. However small they may be, Boxever makes creating and optimising segments simple. And, whatever the destination (Facebook, Google or your other marketing technology), distribution is easy too.

Actionable insight on day one

Boxever gets to work straight “out of the box”, automatically identifying where your customers are in the purchase lifecycle and helping you deploy acquisition, conversion and retention strategies. It enables you to quickly assess customer value with RFM segmentation and analyse campaign performance over time.

Smarter, deeper segments

Today’s complex, siloed tech infrastructure often stands in the way of data delivering on its potential. Boxever sidesteps the problem, bringing data from every channel and silo together to deliver the most complete behavioural segmentation possible. Every single search, click, page view and shopping cart, on every device and every channel, counts.

Understand, predict, improve

Boxever makes future customer behaviour predictable. It automatically identifies and creates segments based on how they might react to specific events or conditions (for example device preferences and time of communication). From there it helps you understand a target group’s likelihood to churn, predicted lifetime value and propensity to buy.

How to evolve your single customer view for omnichannel personalisation