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Live Webinar I The Science of Gambling Compliance
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There’s a pot of gold at the end of the personalization rainbow

This time of year, everyone claims an Irish heritage, as pubs overflow with green beer and cheer to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day.

In Dublin, we don’t mess around. Everyone has the day off to ring in the festivities and share a pint with friends on this cherished holiday. All of the fanfare has us thinking: How can ‘The Luck of the Irish’ rub off on what we do for you?

Our roots at Boxever are Irish, and we’re proud of it; but our footprint is global. We’ve gotten CX off the ground for airlines from the Middle East to Scandinavia to Mexico – and everywhere in between. And that’s just the beginning: we’re expanding to new verticals like financial services and retail to apply this deep contextual knowledge and underlying artificial intelligence to more businesses. We’ve got the right formula – technology, people, and process – to allow marketing automation to do things marketers hadn’t considered before, powered by machine learning so that systems get smarter as they go.

We’ve learned along the way, from feedback and industry observation, that there’s a gap in the market that must be addressed: cross-channel personalization is still desperately needed to weave together interactions that happen across space and time – from the web to the contact center, there’s more data that can be captured, greater ways to connect with consumers, and always, always ample opportunities to delight a customer when they least expect it.

It shouldn’t take a run-in with a leprechaun – or even just a spirited Irish lad – to remember that there’s a certain Celtic touch that has a way of making things a bit brighter. But when it comes to marketing automation, luck’s got nothing to do with it.

How can marketers get “lucky” with their campaigns? A little Irish charm can go a long way, and so can these tips:

  • Prepare for what’s ahead with a solid foundation. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, so they say. With a centralized data platform to pool together data from different channels, you’ll be prepared for whatever data comes along so that nothing slips through the cracks. Rather than having to manually merge different datasets, you can see things more clearly – and begin to set up logic to make decisions based on what a customer really wants, knowing the context of all they’ve experienced with your brand in one setting.
  • Seize opportunities to engage in the moment with real time response. If a single customer view is the “preparation” part of the equation for luck (and better outcomes), then having the right decisioning in place will allow you to rise up to greet new opportunities. The other side of the same coin, the right decisioning will be supported by cross-channel data rather than limited to previous activity on the channel where an isolated interaction takes place. By understanding the customer journey, decisioning tools are less prone to sloppy errors that can be brand damaging (like sending that “How was your flight?” email to a frazzled passenger right after it has been cancelled).
  • Create meaningful moments with artificial intelligence. Preparation meets opportunity most often when there is a link between the two, drawing upon insights to deliver an added layer of personalization that can suggest new avenues for customer satisfaction. With AI on the scene, a brand can get to know its customer and serve it information that is valuable without having to go back through all of steps they took along the way. By sorting through, processing, and evaluating the best communication given the context of each individual interaction, customers can receive 1:1 service and attention while allowing brands to still grow and scale to reach new audiences.

At Boxever, we feel lucky to be building a business that can help companies think differently about how to reach customers every single day. We’re letting you in on our little “Luck of the Irish” secret so that you can experience the change for yourself – and start preparing for new opportunities for your business.

Curious to learn more? Join us for our upcoming webinar with MarketingWeek on the true value of personalization. Register here.