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Press Release
14 February 2017

New product suite

Boxever OneView and Boxever Engage provide comprehensive customer data platform and predictive personalization engine, respectively, to support a move into the financial services and retail markets.

Boxever™, the leader in omni-channel personalization for B2C brands, today announced a new product suite – including Boxever OneView and Boxever Engage – that make up its Customer Intelligence Cloud. This expands its core offerings beyond the travel space, to now include the retail and financial services sectors.

Digitally savvy companies in new verticals will now be able to reimagine the customer experience, leveraging Boxever’s proven expertise to understand and anticipate individual customers’ needs at every digital and physical touchpoint.

“We’ve proven our capabilities in an incredibly complex, dynamic industry since our founding,” said Dave O’Flanagan, CEO and Co-Founder, Boxever. “The travel industry was the backdrop for our company’s growth, and our new product suite allows us to provide powerful decisioning tools combined with predictive and AI capabilities that offer our core technology to a broader set of customers. Building a more personalized customer experience and improving engagement is a priority for any CxO, regardless of industry, and we’re excited to solve the problem of applying data to the customer journey across the business to acquire better customers, convert across channels, reduce churn, and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.”

The new offerings allow organizations to focus on consolidating customer data into a single customer view with the aptly named product, Boxever OneView. The platform combines customer transactions, digital interactions and operational data while leveraging cross-channel identity resolution, predictive scoring and powerful audience segmentation to deliver a real-time profile of every customer that interacts with an organization, regardless of channel.

Built upon Boxever OneView, organizations can now use Boxever Engage to deliver 1:1 experiences in any channel, including web, mobile and email but also in-store, in the contact center and new interfaces such as chatbots and Amazon Alexa.

Boxever Engage uses a combination of rules, predictive models, adaptive models and AI to ensure that each customer interaction is uniquely tailored for that customer. In addition, it also has tightly integrated capabilities for omni-channel tracking, multi-touch attribution and A/B testing.

“Our goal is to solve the fundamental problems that marketers are facing today,” said John Callan, Vice President of Marketing, Boxever. “Making this product suite available to existing and future customers was a strategic move for our company. The shift signals our growing ability to apply the same logic that resulted in proven use cases for major airlines and travel retailers to new scenarios in financial services and retail, in particular. The nuances are different, but the foundation is the same: allowing us to dive in deeper to new markets with a blank canvas that is ripe for breaking new ground, providing new revenue opportunities and improving their customer engagement and brand loyalty for long-term advantage.”

There are pockets of innovation that are helping AI start to add real value – certainly in improving customer experience. In our experience, businesses making the biggest strides are those taking a practical approach, focusing first on tightly defined starting projects and use cases before scaling upwards. We’ve helped organisations, for example, use AI to better understand and identify customers, make intelligent 1:1 product recommendations or deploy dynamic pricing. The results speak for themselves.

But so many organisations lack the infrastructure and skills to really maximise the benefit. Meanwhile the ongoing AI hype-train exaggerates the number of businesses that are seeing benefits, and increases FOMO for those that aren’t. None of this helps the promise of AI come closer to reality.

We’re here to help businesses use data to make every interaction smarter, and AI plays a critical role in that. It will continue to do so as we fight to close the gap between AI fact and AI (science) fiction – watch this space for more practical tips and tools to help make the technology a reality in your business.

In the meantime, we’ve explored this topic in more depth in a short article published recently in AdWeek: “How AI is reviving the airline industry’s approach to experiential marketing”. It’s a short read – take a look at what we said here.

Boxever is a personalisation platform that uses data and AI to help the world’s biggest brands make every customer interaction smarter and deliver game-changing customer experience. We do this in two ways. Firstly, we build rich and accurate profiles of their customers using data from across their business. Then we use AI to automate decisions about how to personalise interactions on every channel and in every moment.

The result? Personal, relevant and valuable experiences for customers, and improved engagement, acquisition and conversion for the business. Since we started back in 2011 we’ve been helping the likes of Emirates, Viva Air Group and AIB revolutionise how they engage customers. Seven years on, we’re now recognised by Gartner as a leading player in personalisation and ranked by Forbes alongside Google, Apple and Amazon as one of the most powerful examples of AI in use today.

Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @Boxever.

Maria Diviney, Beachhut PR (Boxever)

Tel: +353 83 803 1003


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