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Ruadhan Barry
26 July 2018

Boxever recognised by Gartner

The digital revolution was well underway before we were established in 2011. Watching from the sidelines, we’d seen the rise of ever more powerful technology. More dynamic CRMs. The cloud. Big data. Fledgling AI.

Each new development brought a new level of hype. From faster, more efficient business to superior customer service, they all promised the world. And, to a greater or lesser extent, they’ve delivered.

But from where we were sitting back then, it all had one major drawback. The new tools and systems weren’t built for the real world. They weren’t built for real people in real businesses wrestling with real challenges and objectives. How these tools worked in practice never seemed to keep pace with the technological innovation. The result? Potential lying dormant, slow adoption and costly change. “When will such-and-such technology emerge beyond the hype?” was the recurring theme.

It’s remarkable that, nearly a decade on, we still see a lot of the same issues in marketing technology today. Impenetrable interfaces. Jargon-filled user guides. Tools that drive teams apart rather than bring them together. Organisations now have access to the most powerful technology imaginable, and yet so much of it remains untapped. It drives us mad.

Boxever has been recognised as a Niche player in Gartner’s Personalisation Engine Magic Quadrant

That’s why our philosophy hasn’t changed since we first burst onto the scene in 2011. Back then we had a mission to revolutionise how the travel industry engages customers, and we didn’t promise rapid progress compromised by a lack of grounding in the real world. We wanted to make things more simple, not more complex. We wanted to make our customers more agile, not less. And we wanted to empower quick, seamless business-wide progress, rather than limit it to chosen individuals or teams.

That approach continues today. Our innovation matters. Our innovation works.

That’s why the latest iteration of Engage – our groundbreaking Personalisation Engine – is based on what our customers and contacts told us were the biggest challenges they were facing as they looked to redefine the experience they give customers and take their first steps towards leading in the experiences economy.

Engage has been redesigned from the ground up with all that in mind. It connects data across any source, platform or channel simply and easily to enable joined-up, consistent 1:1 customer experiences. It cuts through the complexity of the modern tech stack by being entirely platform and tool agnostic. It has a UI that encourages collaboration and makes defining personalisation models as easy as designing a PowerPoint deck. It determines what action to take with every single customer interaction based on an unparalleled number of behavioural, transactional or operational data points. And it makes integrating existing AI a matter of drag and drop.

We’re delighted that this “real world” approach has been recognised by Gartner – it has named us a niche player in its most recent Personalisation Engine Magic Quadrant. With more than 400 personalisation and customer experience tools in the market today, we’re pleased to be recognised as one of the top 18 vendors in the space.

We’re happy to be labelled “niche”, too. Complex organisations like those we work with in financial services or the airline industry don’t need more generic, out-of-the-box options that don’t fit their business model or transformation roadmap. We’re here to provide the expertise, capability and flexibility they need to deliver the change they need to thrive in a changing world.

As long as we continue to almost single-handedly champion the real needs of business when it comes to customer experience, long may this “niche” status continue. The needs of our customers – and their customers, too – will undoubtedly continue to change, but our philosophy won’t. The future looks bright.

Gartner subscribers can access the report here.

Ruadhan Barry
Director of Business Solutions

Ruadhan is Director of Business Solutions at Boxever – a market-leading personalisation platform that uses data and AI to make every customer interaction smarter. Boxever is recognised by Gartner as a leading player in personalisation and ranked by Forbes alongside Google, Apple and Amazon as one of the most powerful examples of AI in use today.

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