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Graeme Chard, Director of Marketing at Boxever

Fiona Hilliard
29 March 2021

Boxever + Amazon Personalize: The Ultimate Personalisation Solution

Marketing technology that personalises the customer experience can no longer be considered a ‘nice to have’. In order to meet the expectations of today’s experience-oriented customer and stand out from the competition, online retailers need to fully embrace machine learning and its advanced personalisation capabilities.

While the traditional machine learning model has historically required a complex data infrastructure and dedicated data science teams, Amazon Personalize, the machine learning service from Amazon Web Services simplifies the process so that brands can quickly and easily craft personalised recommendations for their customers.

Leveraging Amazon Personalize’s machine learning expertise, Boxever is putting developers in the driver’s seat, giving them the freedom to add ML-based personalisation into their application and marketing journey, without the complexity of building new data pipelines or setting up additional infrastructure.

By ‘wrapping’ the Personalize APIs in a Decision Model, Boxever makes it possible to overlay business rules and use other data sources and AI models in combination with the powerful capabilities of Amazon Personalize.


Boxever + Amazon Personalize predicts the product lines an individual customer is likely to buy based on positive interactions such as clicking, watching and impressions as well as the individual customer’s previous purchase history.

This means retailers can reach out to customers at exactly the right time via email, push notifications, live chat or directly through their app with relevant, highly personalised offers and recommendations.

In addition, retailers can also use Boxever + Amazon Personalize to align with marketing campaigns and drive up conversion by highlighting sale items, low stock and new products.

  • Responsive: By using Amazon Personalize in conjunction with a Boxever Decision Model, the technology kicks in at the exact points in the customer journey where it will really make a difference.
  • Trusted formula: Retailers can speed up their ML processes and benefit from Amazon’s tried and tested technology.
  • Efficiency: Boxever + Amazon Personalize eliminates the need for dedicated Data Science teams.
  • Quick set up: Get going with or without historical data in just a few clicks.
  • One-off installation: Build the integration once with Boxever and use on any channel.
  • Data Privacy: With Boxever + Amazon Personalize, privacy is built in as standard. All your data is encrypted and only used to create recommendations for your customers. Data is not shared with other customers or with

Building an effective machine learning platform requires both clean data and the right infrastructure to support complex models.

The winning combination of’s machine learning service and Boxever’s data and decisioning technology makes it possible for businesses to serve customers timely and meaningful product recommendations in emails and push notifications, or embed the recommendations directly into their app.

With Boxever + Amazon Personalize in place, your customers can look forward to enjoying memorable, highly intuitive online experiences. From real-time recommended products that land exactly at the right time, to articles, videos, or podcasts that really resonate, your customers will feel seen and understood like never before – prepare for brand affinity, online conversions and engagement to skyrocket.

Ready to road test Amazon Personalize with Boxever? Book a demo today! Find out more about Boxever’s partnership with Amazon here.

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