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Sierra Murphy
10 December 2020

BoxCon 2020 Round Up

We are delighted to announce that our recent event, BoxCon 2020 was a great success! As our inaugural customer and partner conference, the attendance on the day surpassed our expectation with lots of interaction, lively debate and insights.

For those of you who couldn’t join us, we’ve curated a short summary of the key points shared during each speaker segment and a link to view the on demand recordings.

Thank you once again to our Sponsors; we’re already looking forward to BoxCon 2021!

Company Keynote

Dave O’Flanagan, CEO Boxever

Changing Expectations

  • Our customers have always been companies with a digital ambition. But customer expectations around digital experience are changing. The standard you have to meet is determined by the apps they’ve put on their mobile home screen.
  • In order to win in the digital space, you need to anticipate the Next Best Action for every individual customer and understanding their context is key to delivering successfully.

Changes in Organisational Mindset

  • COVID-19 has changed priorities. Right now, you need to balance growth with engaging, retaining & communicating with your customers in these uncertain times.
  • In terms of planning to deliver great CX and customer engagement, we’ve seen a lot of you buckling down on defining a clear digital strategy, aligning your people & processes and building an organisation that’s empowered to go after that ambition.
  • A ‘Product’ mindset is underlying this shift – the product is the customer interaction and experiences are being managed like products.

Platform Keynote

Dave O’Flanagan, CEO Boxever

Boxever Experimentation – Adding Agility:

  • Since Day 1, the core capabilities to the Boxever platform have been the CDP and the decisioning engine. Our focus was on deeply integrating personalisation into your channels.
  • With the shift in mindset, we understand that our customers want to try and test new things faster in an agile, iterative fashion. Enter Boxever Experimentation!
  • The Boxever Experimentation capability was launched in early 2020 to allow you to create a backlog of hypotheses and experiments and deploy and test in an agile manner. Depending on the success, you can bake them in as ‘Always On Personalisation’ in your channels.

New Feature Alert – ‘Mission Control’:

  • Mission Control is our newest feature, coming before the end of the year! As part of our strategy to embed analytics throughout the app, Mission Control provides you with a full view of all the embedded analytics in one page. With one glance, view all the tests running, the performance of each test and which are the winners & losers.

Guest Keynote

Rohit Talwar, Global Futurist, Author, CEO Fast Future

  • The pandemic has accelerated the recognition that Strategy Horizons need to be changed.
    1. First is a 1-3 month Survival or Operational Stability Strategy, there is a sense that we need this to keep us going through whatever happens in the next steps of the external environment.
    2. Second is a 4-12 month Adaptation and Process Innovation strategy, understanding that the game is going to change in pretty much every industry you operate in, and there are new rules emerging. So we need to look for new opportunities and adapt.
    3. The best organisations at the moment are those who are not shocked by the future and have taken a longer term perspective of 1-10 years with a Future.
    4. Vision strategy to try and understand the radical shifts that might lead to the reinvention of sectors.
  • AI is a core technology that will become increasingly critical. It has accelerated during the downturn period. There are three core application areas for AI: Augmentation, Speed and Scale.
    1. The first is augmenting the work of humans, AI can scan millions of pieces of research to provide support to a doctor so that they can apply their judgement.
    2. Second is speed, driverless cars for example have to make millions and millions of calculations every microsecond in order to keep the car on the road, AI is the tool that enables this to happen.
    3. Third is scale, AI has allowed vaccination companies to create tens of millions of possible compounds and then simulate their impact on humans. A challenge is the lack of understanding about what AI can do, and people are not wanting to experiment, therefore education is critical.

Partner Fireside Chat

Mike Menzer, GM, Acxiom International

Jed Mole, CMO, Acxiom / Kinesso / Matterkind

Should technology be able to do it all?

  • Technology has always been a force for change, but getting it right is about more than technology. Should technology be able to do it all?
  • According to Mike, technology is an enabler. When bringing on technology to achieve outcomes there are four components to think about:
    1. Technology
    2. Data – fast-growing & evolving asset for all companies
    3. Skill Sets – have the right skills in your people as technology evolves
    4. Mindset – values that you share as a brand with your customers & with your partners

Data Understanding Gap:

  • There is a Data Understanding Gap in people’s awareness of data versus their understanding of how it works. A lot of the stories we hear about data these days are quite sensationalist. Customers need to be educated on how their data is being used.
  • When more data is available, focus on the useful data. Customers don’t want noise, they want meaningful interaction. Most brands are well intending with data. They endeavour to keep it safe and use it for the customer’s benefit.

Looking to the future & emerging from the Pandemic:

  • As we come out of the pandemic, there will be caution around media spend. There will be lots of testing and learning until we get it right. It’ll be different for each sector, depending on how the pandemic continues to affect them.
  • Besides brand awareness, personalisation is top of mind for all IPG customers. There are 5 components: Identity; Dynamic Content Optimisation; Decisioning; Activation; Measurement. However, if you don’t have the data foundation right, you won’t be able to execute on any of those, let alone personalisation.

Customer Success Update

Liam Ryan, Head of Customer Success, Boxever

  • As we build out our Customer Success function, continuous learning is going to play a key role. This year, we’ve embarked with our Monthly Community Calls for business and technical users where we share product and feature highlights, operating model guidance and much more.
  • Also part of our continuous learning initiative is our Knowledge Hub, a resource which will help you all access user documentation, user education, support queries, all to help you upskill & deploy more experiences with Boxever. This is launching soon, keep an eye out!
  • If you’re looking to start building your knowledge right away, our eLearning & Certification Programme is a great way to get familiar with the concepts & capabilities of the platform. To date, 159 people have successfully completed Boxever Certification.

Customer Success Awards

Last but not least, we presented our first ever Customer Experience Awards at Boxever!

Emirates were winners of the Power User Award, for maximising the power of Boxever.

Innovator of the year award was given to Hive. Their approach to innovation has been driven by a strong internal approach to how they deliver customer experiences in a fast and agile way.

And we rounded off our awards with Partner of the year awarded to Lean Convert for their help in delivering real value for Emirates.

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