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Analytics and Attribution

Get crystal clarity

Need a way to attribute conversions across channels? Need to put your models through their paces? Every single action taken by Boxever is tracked, attributed and reported. Every single decision model you run – or test – comes with comprehensive performance analytics.

Get the whole picture

The most successful companies understand their customers like old friends. But when the granularity of your data is inaccessible, that’s easier said than done. Boxever makes all your customer data – from every channel and along the breadth of the customer journey – available to you, allowing your data scientists to query and visualise your data. It’s data, set free.

Testing & Analytics

Insight without limits

Want to verify or track your customer segments? Want to track and analyse individual cohorts? Boxever brings your data to life with its powerful analytical platform.

Our Services

Identify new audiences

Boxever supercharges your segmentation with deep analytics that can identify new groups of customers through analysis of trends and patterns across all your data.

Customer segmentation

How to evolve your single customer view for omnichannel personalisation