Solutions by Industry:


The airline industry is one of the most complex, competitive and turbulent on the planet. It’s getting more so, too. It’s in
this context that competition for share of spend, brand awareness and loyalty will set a new battlefield: customer experience
and personalization.

However, you choose to approach the challenge and whatever your objective, we can help.

We’ve been working with airlines since 2012, transforming the way they use data to engage customers. Our industry-leading platform brings together all your data to empower relevant and consistent personalized experiences across all channels. And because we know airlines so well, we can do it quickly, flexibly and at scale.

  • Make Every
    Interaction Personal

    We help you unleash the power of all your data to personalize all your communications to each and every customer. Inflight, in-airport, in-lounge and on digital: Boxever empowers you to deliver unparalleled right-time, right-place experiences.

  • Increase Revenue

    Ancillary and upsell offers. Optimising conversion. Urgency messaging. Abandoned cart emails. Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or grow relationships with existing ones, we help you uncover hidden revenue opportunities throughout the online experience. And all with surgical, personalized precision.

  • Fill Seats

    Looking to maximise yield on each flight? We can help. Bringing all your data together, we’ll make your segments more relevant and empower smarter, more effective advertising decisions.