Dave O’Flanagan | Sep 17, 2018 | AI: hype vs reality

Dave O’Flanagan | Sep 17, 2018
AI: hype vs reality

AI : hype or reality?How it can come of age in CX

Artificial intelligence has generated endless speculation since the 1950s. Newspaper headlines, books, films – all have been full of ideas for how AI might transform our lives. Every year there’s a new AI-fuelled utopia (or dystopia). But in recent years we’ve seen the speculation crank up a notch and the hype intensify. AI is now – so we’re told – at the forefront of a digital revolution that will solve almost every imaginable problem.

I’m not averse to the ambition and of course, as the leader of an AI business, I have huge belief in what it will, one day, deliver for us all. But the more I’ve spoken with customers and contacts – not least at the Aviation Festival, London a fortnight ago – the more I’ve started to ask myself the same question: Has AI lived up to its billing?

Has AI lived up to its billing?

Pockets of progress

There are pockets of innovation that are helping AI start to add real value – certainly in improving customer experience. In our experience, businesses making the biggest strides are those taking a practical approach, focusing first on tightly defined starting projects and use cases before scaling upwards. We’ve helped organisations, for example, use AI to better understand and identify customers, make intelligent 1:1 product recommendations or deploy dynamic pricing. The results speak for themselves.

But so many organisations lack the infrastructure and skills to really maximise the benefit. Meanwhile the ongoing AI hype-train exaggerates the number of businesses that are seeing benefits, and increases FOMO for those that aren’t. None of this helps the promise of AI come closer to reality.

Exploring the theme further

We’re here to help businesses use data to make every interaction smarter, and AI plays a critical role in that. It will continue to do so as we fight to close the gap between AI fact and AI (science) fiction – watch this space for more practical tips and tools to help make the technology a reality in your business.

In the meantime, we’ve explored this topic in more depth in a short article published recently in AdWeek: “How AI is reviving the airline industry’s approach to experiential marketing”. It’s a short read – take a look at what we said here.

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