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Boxever Academy

Classroom Training

Boxever can facilitate classroom training at your organisation or in Boxever’s Dublin office. The recommended instructor to learner ratio is 1:8, but exceptions can be made.

A 2-day practical introduction to realising the benefits and capabilities of the Boxever platform. This training focuses on Boxever concepts and theories, while emphasising the gamut of customer experiences that Boxever can deliver.

This training is suitable for both business and technical users who are new to the Boxever platform and who seek an overview of Boxever capabilities.

Course Outline

A 2-day classroom workshop on using Boxever Engage and OneView to create contextual, hyper-personalisation in real-time facilitated by Decision Models and Artificial Intelligence. This training entails completing hands-on exercises in a dedicated training environment.

Suitable for business and technical users who will be responsible for creating Customer Experiences through Boxever Engage or those that want a more detailed understanding of the Boxever platform.

Course Outline

e-Learning Course

This is a self-paced e-Learning course that includes Boxever Engage and OneView functionality. This course serves as an alternative to the Boxever Advanced User Certification Training only when logistics prevent classroom training. Although the concepts and theories presented are the same, the amount of exercises assigned is lighter than the classroom training.

This eLearning is self-paced, with an estimated total duration between 6-10 hours. The Boxever Advanced User Certification is administered as part of this course.

Course Outline

Boxever Certification

Boxever Certification quantifies the amount of knowledge obtained from classroom training and e-Learning. Certification provides a clear training path in relation to an individual’s skillset and serves as a transparent and effective measure of acquired knowledge and skills. As our product accelerates, so will our certification offerings.

We currently offer Boxever Advanced User Certification. This certification exam is taken either at the end of Boxever Advanced User Certification Classroom Training or Boxever Advanced User Certification e-Learning. The same exam is administered regardless of whether you choose the classroom training or eLearning.

Classroom vs e-Learning

Training organisations are often asked which is more effective, classroom training or e-Learning? Most studies and surveys prove classroom training more beneficial than eLearning. Classroom Training offers the benefit of directly interacting with the instructor and other learners. With eLearning, learners are limited to interacting with electronic media.

A key component of training is to have the learner conduct hands-on exercises on the Boxever platform. With classroom training, the instructor is able to immediately review exercises and provide immediate feedback. This isn’t possible with eLearning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Boxever training designed for?
Boxever training is designed for customers and partners alike, even Boxever employees undergo the same training.

What differentiates e-Learning from Classroom Training?
Classroom Training has the advantage of learners being able to personally interact with instructors and other learners in a live environment.

e-Learning is a great alternative when logistics prevent classroom training from being held or when a new employee joins your team and classroom training for one person isn’t feasible.

What is the cost of training and certification?
Contact your Boxever Representative about the costs associated with training and certification.

Why Boxever Certification?
• Quantifies attained skills and knowledge

• Accelerates time to market and team member efficiency

• Promotes continuous achievement of knowledge and skills

• Distinguishes team members with more advanced skills

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