Meet Boxever

Let the Technology Fall Away

You’ve struggled with siloed departments, legacy operational systems that don’t interact, and a growing IT infrastructure that is creaking under the weight of so many connections and networks. With Boxever, the technology falls away, leaving you face to face with each customer. Unlike linear if/then programs, this is a continually learning, sense-and-respond machine that sits intentionally outside your systems, offering flexibility, scalability and security in a robust cloud solution.

The results with Boxever are real - and fast. Read on to learn more.

  • "Boxever was started with one simple vision: The better you know your customer, the more value you can deliver"

    Boxever Team

When the customer is king, the path to acquisition is no longer linear and loyalty isn’t guaranteed. True 1:1 personalization with a 360 degree view of all of your data is your guide to the new customer experience, with a destination of increased acquisition and improved conversion and retention.

Grow your business with Boxever

Boxever connects your customer, product and operational data to personalize 1:1 and engage on every channel. We put your customer at the center, resulting in lower acquisition costs, accelerated conversion rates, improved customer service and retention and higher lifetime value (LTV). We become the “brain” in your marketing and tech ecosystem, taking in all data about your customer, deciding what should happen next and executing on the most appropriate channels.

How Does It Work?

The Boxever Customer Intelligence Cloud works with the tech you already have in place to:

  • Connect Your Data

    Connect all of your data for a singular, contextual, 360-degree dynamic view of your customer, merging customer data, operational data and product data so everyone in your organization can see the full picture.

  • Personalize 1:1

    Enable 1:1 personalization across every channel, for true 1:1 engagement beyond “Hello, [name]”. Execute predictive offers that adapt in the moment, so every interaction is smarter and every offer has a better chance of “yes.”

  • Engage Across Every Channel

    Activate a coordinated customer experience with precise attribution (so you know which channels work) and deliver at scale. We handle more data per day than Spotify and iTunes combined, processing billions of events each week.

Driving The Customer Journey in the Age of Experience

Today, your people are trying to reach the same customer, running different campaigns on different channels, measured against different (often competing) internal objectives -- and likely “rewarding” customers with tokens that don’t pay off in the long term.

Your customer expects a personalized journey, and if you make a wrong turn, your customer could simply decide to walk in the other direction. We’re in an era of “personalized experience” and every interaction counts.