A.I. and Data Science

A.I. 2.0: A New Era Has Arrived

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is finally coming into its own, and at Boxever, we’ve spent the past 5 years preparing for its arrival. Boxever has cultivated a foundation that’s essential for A.I. to deliver on its promise - you can’t have A.I. without an intelligent data platform. When others were taking shortcuts, we were creating a launching pad for truly customer-centric, 1:1 marketing for our customers, and yours.

Why Do I Need A.I.?

As scientists, we looked at trends in marketing and came to a startling conclusion. Marketers traditionally think in segments - dividing customers into groups and tailoring offers with customer preferences in mind. Slicing into these segments with modern marketing tools makes them smaller and smaller, until they become outrageously numerous and complex to manage. When you get down to individualized offers for 1:1 personalization to millions of customers, you get what we call an ‘audience explosion’ - it’s simply too difficult to serve each customer on your own. Automation alone is not adequate - A.I. is all about scale.

So, Now What?

At Boxever, we know this is a journey we take together. A.I. is within grasp, not only for major enterprises but also maverick leaders gutsy enough to invest in their data. But you’ve got to see beyond the hype and focus on value - both short-term incremental revenue and the long-term rewards. Choose partners wisely - you’ve seen where it can go wrong: a business unit invests in a shiny new technology, only to find that the engine hasn’t got the power to go the distance. The result is a cyclical leakage of time, effort and cost - as new solutions are swapped in and out, you get no closer to your business objectives and, ultimately, it’s your customer who takes the hit and walks away.

All Things to All People

Focus on what’s best for your customer. To see the full potential of A.I., watch it perform in a system designed to learn and expand over time, across channels and into every area of your business. A.I. has boundless interpretations and uses; it can be all things to everyone. Begging the question: where to start? If the options are endless, what direction is best for the modern marketer? Our job at Boxever is to provide the platform for our customers to define that vision for themselves.

We Need to Think Bigger

What if the biggest challenge for A.I. is thinking bigger; beyond “channel champions”? The beautiful thing about A.I. is that it can be both laser-focused and far-reaching at the same time. It can solve micro-problems by modeling an algorithm for scenario A in situation B, or it can tackle the bigger concerns of your business like ‘how do I increase revenue and reduce costs this quarter?’ If you choose to create virtual assistants to interact with your customers via chatbots, what you’re really doing is predicting and triggering changes in customer behavior with A.I. The power to serve every customer in this way (on any channel) gives you unlimited potential to grow your business.

Power New Customer Service Channels

Chatbots are only the beginning - predictive offers and smart actions mean A.I. can gather cues from any verbal or text-based communication to offer personalized service to every customer for that human touch, even while you’re offline designing your next campaign.

Provide Service Issue Alerts & Course Correction

Disruptions happen - everyone can accept that. What customers can’t tolerate is poor communication when they do. With A.I., you can proactively manage the impact by keeping customers up to date wherever they are, and provide appropriate, individual attention when necessary to convert a negative experience to a positive one.

Find News Ways to Delight

Train your email, ads, social channels and mobile apps to speak to customers as if they’re next-door neighbors. Staying relevant is more than providing coupons and convenient store locations: every interaction has to show that you get the customer.

We’re “all in” when it comes to reimagining the customer experience with A.I. We’ll join you in the call to explore possibilities - we’ll lead the charge in innovating A.I. for marketers, and seize the moment to embrace smarter data powered by machine learning.

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