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Dave O’Flanagan
7 July 2017

Three ways AI is enhancing airline experience

Boxever’s Dave O’Flanagan discusses the impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having on the airline experience.

In December 1903, a monumental event took place: Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the world’s first successful airplane. Over the years, innovations in technology have drastically changed airline capacity, speed and safety.

Fast forward over 100 years and, while technology still helps to improve air travel, one technology is having a major impact on the airline experience: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Whether it’s bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences or connecting inflight data with the entire customer journey, AI repeatedly proves its value to airlines looking to improve customer experience and their bottom line.

Gone are the days of creating one travel experience for the masses. Business travelers are looking for a much different experience compared to a family of four traveling on holiday. AI and predictive analytics are being used to personalize emails, ads, social channels and mobile apps to help airlines engage with these different customer types and ensure the content their receiving is relevant for them.

Boxever’s platform uses machine learning algorithms to select tailored email offerings to send to customers, based on their profile preferences. If a customer doesn’t respond to a certain type of offer, Boxever will make alternative suggestions in future customer interactions.

Personal attention can go a long way in creating brand loyalty. If an airline knows a business traveler typically books the 6:00 a.m. flight from New York to London or prefers a specific coffee order in the business class lounge, it could use Boxever to deliver the relevant perks and rewards that fit the customer’s needs. These smart interactions can make or break a customer’s relationship with an airline, but it’s impossible for airlines to deliver them at scale without an AI solution.

Airlines are currently using AI to complete tasks, but also to humanize the overall travel experience

Intelligent technology that offers real-time interactions is crucial for gaining new customers and strengthening brand loyalty with existing airline customers. For example, if an airline loses a passenger’s bag, an AI platform like Boxever could alert the airline about the issue in real-time and prompt the airline to notify the passenger through a chatbot or mobile update.

AI technology could also prompt cabin crew attendants to offer that passenger a business-class upgrade for their next flight or another similar perk to compensate for the service issue. These touchpoints demonstrate the airline’s commitment to its passenger’s needs and help drive repeat business, even when the customer encounters unpreventable service issues.

In fact, airlines are currently using AI technology to not only complete service-related tasks but also to humanize the overall travel experience so that its tailored for the individual traveler. The International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s Global Passenger Survey found that 61 percent of travelers would like to track their bag throughout the journey. A real-time, inflight experience such as bag tracking will allow airlines to engage with their customers throughout the flight, deepening customer loyalty and overall brand awareness./p>

In the next few years, airlines will continue to adopt chatbots and other forms of AI assistants to support customer service. Bots can help airlines to communicate with travelers during peak volume travel times or when there are flight cancellations or delays. Airlines can also leverage AI and predictive analytics to help manage and prevent overbooking issues. For example, an AI platform can be used to set rules and parameters to ensure seats are booked and assigned appropriately.

Who knows what kind of innovations the next century will bring to the airline industry but, one thing is certain: AI will continue to revolutionize the travel experience and it’s time for airlines to embrace this technology.

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Dave O’Flanagan

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