Personalization today is channel focused. This means that while you might be personalizing quite well on the web, you lose sight of the customer as soon as they move to mobile, or a kiosk. It seems to many that it has to be like this for most marketing cloud solutions. It’s because the technologies you’re using today are channel focused by design; they’re built predominantly for the channel they serve. This is an historical problem – in our engagements with our customers at Boxever, we’ve seen that many companies who invested early in personalization technologies progressed up a path where multiple cloud solutions have to be aligned and orchestrated in order to tie together the customer journey. We’ve seen countless situations where a business has tried to personalize across channels in a way that makes sense to the customer…but they still fail to connect or deliver on the promise. Customers still find themselves having a stop-start experience where one minute they’re known intimately, the next they’re a stranger trying to connect.

We aim to explain the problem by highlighting two things you need to do first – there is no other way to bring together a seamless customer journey:

  1. Unite your data
  2. Unite the rules and decisions that act upon that data

In this whiteboard video:

Andrew McAvinchey, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Boxever, describes the Journey to Personalization for companies using data platforms to activate data from disparate sources on an omnichannel framework for better customer experience.

What we’ve found is that most organisations are beginning to look at how they can use their data better and more productively for their customers. Depending on many factors – including investment, time and commitment to their data projects, we’ve seen the majority are at the lower end of the personalization journey. There’s nothing wrong with this – in fact there’s a distinct advantage for anyone in this position, as they can immediately add value with a cloud solution.

It’s pretty exciting when you see this being done right- especially at scale!

At Boxever we’re pushing even further – with every customer positively identified and every response being monitored and activated in real-time by our intelligent platform, we move our customers closer to the holy grail – true 1:1 personalization at scale across every channel. What this means is that if you’re searching for a flight on your mobile, you’ll pick up exactly where you left off on the web. Not only that, we’ll know who you are, and based on historical and real-time data, we’ll know what you’re most likely to want at this stage of your journey.
Some companies have invested millions and months, sometimes years, in building the Single Customer View, finding ways to unite their data, then passing it all through activation layers and decisioning tools they’ve got to stack up and integrate over years of development.

Here is where we see the advantage for those at the lower end of the curve. What we’ve seen with our customers is that by uniting their data through a customer centric cloud platform like Boxever, they begin to see the incremental value offered by sophisticated personalization way before they’d expect to with a ‘Build-it –Yourself” solution. Not only that, our platform gives them the flexibility to move closer and closer to that 1:1 personalization for their customer – our customers can customize experiences and design personalization campaigns with the customer in mind, rather than complex technology projects, long roadmaps and the huge investment it takes to close the Personalization Gap.

Boxever is the Customer Intelligence Cloud for marketers.

It connects all of your customer, product and operational data, putting your customer at the centre of your business and enabling true 1:1 personalization on a level you’ve never seen before. This results in lower acquisition costs, accelerated conversion rates, improved customer engagement and higher lifetime value. Using artificial intelligence (A.I.), it acts as the “brain” within your CRM-tech ecosystem, taking in all data about the customer – including behavioural and transactional – deciding what should happen next and executing that action through the most appropriate channels – in real time, as it happens.