Travel & Hospitality


Reimagine how your customer experiences your travel and hospitality brand at every stage of their journey. Since 2012, Boxever has transformed the way travel brands use data to interact with customers. Boxever enables you to deliver highly personalized offers and relevant communications to your customers by applying advanced decision making intelligence to ensure the right message or offer is delivered at the right time and place.

Boxever combines historical data with rich, real-time contextual information to deliver a proactive, predictive customer experience across all channels, personalized for each and every traveller. Build a lasting, meaningful and profitable 1:1 affinity with your brand.

Find New Revenue

We help you uncover hidden revenue opportunities throughout the online booking experience by delivering highly relevant and timely ancillary and upsell offers, personalized for each traveller based on a combination of their individual history and their current traveling context. Boxever helps optimize conversion opportunities, delivering solutions such as abandoned cart email notifications, urgency messaging, search personalization and much more.

Unify the Journey

Boxever helps you take full advantage of the rich data available from your online booking engine, loyalty programs, website and call center applications by personalizing all outbound comms (email, call-center, mobile push) at an individual level across all channels.

Advertise to the Right People

We help with your goals to maximize yield on each room, car or journey by linking your reservation systems to your digital advertising platforms. We deliver relevant segments to Facebook and Google based on your entire customer data and match it with available inventory so you can place ads where and when they are most likely to be seen by your target audience.