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Have you ever been cyberstalked?

I was cyberstalked once; It’s not what you think. I had just moved to a new house and was searching for furniture online over the weekend, to no avail. The next Monday morning when I checked my mobile phone for the weather, there it was, staring at me from the weather page. The same maroon…

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How Automation Takes The Stress Out Of Distressed Inventory

Travel executives can solve the problem of distressed inventory by leveraging customer intelligence and automation.  Distressed inventory is an issue that plagues retail executives across all industries. When commodities go too long without being sold, it becomes increasingly challenging to make the sale, especially when the goods are perishable. And the most perishable commodity of…

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Is an Abandoned Cart Game Over?

The solution to cart abandonment can be found with personalized, contextual retargeting strategies that add value and identify the most important customers. Whether you’re buying clothes, electronics or airline tickets, relying on the magic of the internet can make the whole shopping experience easier. Unfortunately for online retailers, it also makes it easier for consumers…

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