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Why Brands Face an Uphill Battle to Connect with Customers

While privacy is often thrown around as the reason to withhold personal data from brands, it’s not the only reason. Oftentimes consumers don’t trust brands to create a truly personalized experience with their data. According to a recent Boxever report more than half of those surveyed don’t want brands to have any of their personal…

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Are Loyalty Programs a Relic of the Past?

Travelers are increasingly less likely to use loyalty programs like frequent flyer membership. Airlines and OTAs need to focus on personalization and building trust. While airlines continue to invest heavily to improve the customer experience and differentiate their brands, our latest survey of more than 500 travelers found that for many consumers, traditional customer experience…

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Travel marketing’s Most Valuable Customer: The Millennial business traveler

Millennials — all 83 million of them — represent the largest marketing population of all time. They were consumers even before they could walk and grew up extremely brand conscious and willing to spend the money necessary to keep up with their peers and idols. To them, consumerism doesn’t support a lifestyle, it is a…

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