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Close the Loop Today: The Real Reason You Have Yet to See The True Value of Personalization

Better customer experience (CX) through personalization drives more revenue. We’ve seen this time and again with Boxever customers. Yet, despite the variety of marketing cloud technologies available, and the advances in data analytics platforms and software, most businesses still struggle to provide personalization that is cross-channel, real-time and contextual today. Fewer still have been able…

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Rethinking Channels: What Marketers Need to Know to Change the Way They Interact with Customers

Customer centricity is the key to bridging the divide between channel silos for marketers today, requiring both structural, organizational change and technology innovation alike What comes first, the chicken or the egg? For many marketers, rethinking channels is just as cyclical of a thought process as answering that age-old adage – and equally as difficult…

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Personalize to Win: Never Miss Another Revenue Opportunity

Modern Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) are far more analytical and technically savvy than ever before. Most marketers have two main concerns: how to deliver immediate value as well as strategic competitive advantage for the future. There are an overwhelming number of options when choosing technology solutions and it’s critical to choose vendors with an intimate…

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Boxever™ Launches New Product Suite, Expands Offerings to Support the Customer Journey Within New Verticals

Boxever OneView and Boxever Engage provide comprehensive customer data platform and predictive personalization engine, respectively, to support a move into the financial services and retail markets DUBLIN – (February 14, 2017) – BoxeverTM, the leader in omni-channel personalization for B2C brands, today announced a new product suite – including Boxever OneView and Boxever Engage – that…

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New Year’s Round-up: Boxever’s Best Blogs of 2016

2016 has been the year of CX: and at Boxever, we’ve been offering brands suggestions to reimagine the customer experience from start to finish. Along the way, we’ve shared resources on the blog to help you navigate the path to more meaningful CX. As we look back over the year and prepare for 2017, we…

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Lessons from Santa’s Journey from The North Pole: Creating Memorable Experiences for Each of Your Customers

Santa Claus has arguably the toughest job of all—satisfying consumers all over the world. If there’s one thing Santa has done well, it’s establishing and meeting the expectations of his customers. For jolly ol’ St. Nick and marketers, the end of the year is filled with excitement and its fair share of hustle and bustle….

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