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Looking Back on the Year When Google Gained Ground

Customer service technologies that once seemed like science fiction are now quickly becoming the norm. Machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms are constantly gathering information about consumers and using it to deliver the best multi-channel experience possible. Chat bots and virtual reality are on the cusp of becoming commonplace as consumers grow more accustomed to…

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The Future of Travel Marketing: What Millennials Think

As millennials age into the core purchasing population, many previous trends and roadblocks are shifting. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the annual direct purchasing power of millennials exceeds $200 billion, with the generation’s peak buying power still decades away. One encouraging sign for marketers is that millennials don’t fear sharing data as much…

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Why Brands Face an Uphill Battle to Connect with Customers

While privacy is often thrown around as the reason to withhold personal data from brands, it’s not the only reason. Oftentimes consumers don’t trust brands to create a truly personalized experience with their data. According to a recent Boxever report more than half of those surveyed don’t want brands to have any of their personal…

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How To Use AI Like Google and Amazon

Brands don’t have to be giants like Google or Amazon to use their customer data to deliver exceptional service. Using artificial intelligence lets companies have more meaningful interactions than ever before. There are few brand names more recognizable today than Google and Amazon. Both companies have reached nearly unparalleled levels of success in the digital…

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